Handheld lights, floodlights

Handheld lights and floodlights are now available in a variety of designs and in top quality. Here you can find out when handheld lights or floodlights are more suitable and which functions are needed for which purpose.

In the category Handheld lights, floodlights we offer you products of the following brands: SCANGRIP, Ansmann, UK Underwater Kinetics, Waldmann, RAU.

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    Give me some decent Commercial Flood & Flash light: battery-powered handheld lights and floodlights

    To enlighten you: What does a handheld light need to do in a company or workshop? As a torch and work lamp, it should of course provide powerful light. This is the minimum standard for the lights that we offer you here. However, there are a number of other things you should consider before buying handheld lights and floodlights:

    1. How many hands do you need?

    You usually have to work with both hands during repair and assembly. Handheld lights with magnets are therefore best suited for this purpose. The magnets are built into the light. Retractable hooks are also conducive to freehand operation.

    2. Do you work in a damp environment?

    If water drips or oil splashes, your handheld light should be waterproof and resistant to chemicals. Such rechargeable lights are made for use in this environment and are highly appreciated by professionals.

    3. Do you work in areas at risk of explosion?

    Then your handheld lights are explosion-proof – in accordance with the current standards. In the petrochemical industry, and in fire and disaster operations and so on, they are indispensable.

    4. Does your work light have to be adaptable?

    Some people need very bright light while others get headaches from this and can only focus on their work when the light is darker. That's why many of our handheld lights are dimmable. And you simply put your work in the light that's best for you. Why not take a look at our infinitely dimmable lights: from 10 to 100% luminosity.

    5. Does the lamp also have to adapt?

    In this case, a handheld light with swivel head is perfect. Just turn the head where you want it to be: top left, bottom right and now straight again.

    6. How long do you hold the light in your hand?

    After an hour of holding hands with the light, health factors certainly play a major role. Lights with ergonomic handles are highly recommended for such applications.

    Handheld lights or floodlights? Both!

    In hands-free operation, handheld lights can be used, but if a larger work surface is to be illuminated, they are at best a supplement to floodlights. You simply place the floodlights on the floor or a tripod and adjust the light beam to the appropriate lighting angle by means of a movable handle. Why would floodlights be better for this? Because they have a luminosity of up to 1,000 lumens, are particularly robust and are usually waterproof. In addition, the battery lasts a very long time. Of course, you can also use a floodlight by hand for illumination – but this will probably be more strenuous over time. So, when you need additional light at a certain point, the handheld light is the better option.

    Looking for a handheld light or floodlight? Then don't compromise on performance.

    The handheld lights and floodlights that you can find in our webshop serve every requirement. We offer small, medium and large variants with holders, tripods or magnets. The lamps get their juice from charging systems and integrated power banks. On top of that, we promise you a three-year minimum guarantee. Convinced? Now we can say: you're no longer in the dark!

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