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Permanent and secure markings: use our warning tapes, labels, humidity indicators and other indicators for your sensitive goods and for a safe company: order special markings for shipping and the company from us conveniently online.

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Special markings: safety instructions as adhesives and on rolls

Special markings are indispensable for the transport of sensitive goods, as well as for safety in the company. Whether on the floor, on a cardboard box, in front of aisles or on hazardous goods: warning tapes and warning labels make what needs to be done clear – and what not to do. For example, warning tapes or safety tapes in red and white or black and yellow indicate sources of danger. Warning tapes with imprints indicate what to look out for during transport: the markings ''Fragile! Handle with care!'' or ''Handle with care!'' indicate that there are fragile goods being transported in the box. Humidity indicators are reliable in terms of showing the humidity inside the packaging. And special indicators for temperature, for example, provide information about compliance with the cold chain during transport.

What warning markings and safety tapes are available?

Our special markings are part of the higher-level sealing and labelling category for good reason – because self adhesive warning tapes and labels often have two functions: they seal boxes or packages, for example, and at the same time identify safety measures and rules for handling. The same applies to safety tapes for cordoning off or marking: they show or block the way and at the same time indicate the reason for it. Our range includes:

  • Indicators: humidity indicators, impact and tilt indicators are a type of insurance for the recipient of sensitive goods. If the indicators show a warning or that tampering has occurred, the recipient should refuse acceptance. Temperature indicators ensure compliance with cold chain logistics.

  • A warning tape in black and yellow marks permanent obstacles and danger spots, such as steps or edges.

  • A warning tape in red and white is used for temporary obstacles and danger points that need cordoning off, for example in the case of excavation pits or dangerous leaks.

  • Warning tapes with an imprint for transport seal cardboard boxes and shipments, while also communicating a risk of breakage, that stacking is not allowed, that sensitive electronics are in the box, which way to place upright, etc. These tapes are also available as sustainable paper warning tapes.

  • Warning labels provide similar or additional instructions and can be applied to all products and in any position.

  • Security seals cannot be removed without leaving a trace. When removed, they leave a clear marking on cardboard and similar materials. This enables manufacturers’ guarantees to be honoured and the integrity of deliveries to be ensured.

  • Hazardous goods labels and specific labels for different countries comply with a wide range of safety and transport regulations.

What should I pay attention when using warning tapes?

Whether securing a construction site, marking goods for shipment, or equipping your warehouse in a legally compliant manner: legally required markings must always be used, helpful markings should always be used. Always assume that people make mistakes.

  • Pay attention to a clear message. Different indicators – for example on a package – should neither contradict each other nor be redundant. The more markings are used, the more likely they are to be ignored.

  • Don’t just rely on warnings and labels. Fill, cushion and protect goods in the package as if the worst were to happen. Use seals if necessary.

  • In the case of particularly sensitive consignments, inform the recipient in advance about the security measures taken and what he or she must pay attention to. This prevents disputes later on.

  • Train personnel on warning tape codes, symbols, stickers and the appropriate conduct. This will protect you against claims for damages and raise awareness among your staff.

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