Tensioning devices, sealing devices

Do you want to securely seal your packages or pallets for transport? The product range at kaiserkraft awaits with the right strapping tool for every type of strapping – from manual tensioning tools to strapping tools with rechargeable batteries to electric strapping machines.

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    Strapping tools to secure shipments – better than any knot

    Securing shipment professionally is an art in itself? Not with our strapping tools. In addition to tensioning and sealing tools for all sorts of different uses, we also offer the corresponding strapping made of robust plastic and steel. This will ensure the goods you packed are optimally secured during transport.

    Tensioning tool and tongs, or a combination tensioning and sealing device?

    Tension, seal, cut: these three steps are always the same when strapping, but there are all sorts of different ways to do them. If you only put packages together occasionally, using a manual tensioning tool and then sealing tongs is perfectly adequate. Or you can opt for a strapping tool that offers all steps in one. Devices like this are available, among other, as battery operated ones, or as a handheld version with a lever to press down on.

    A semi-automatic or fully automatic strapping tool with variable strapping speed, display and different operating functions is even more convenient, along with being faster. On some devices, you can even vary the speed of the strapping simply by pressing a button. These devices are ideal for anyone who frequently packs goods in large quantities.

    How to find the right strapping tool

    Tensioning tool and tongs, handheld device or automatic lashing device? The answer largely depends on how often you have packages to prepare. Whether the packaged goods are square or round also plays a role, because some strapping tools have to be used on flat surfaces. Also think about the strapping widths for which the sealing tools are suitable.

    Speaking of strapping, our online shop even stocks plastic straps and steel straps that are suitable for your strapping tools and which come in practical strapping sets, as well as seals and many other products for securing your consignments. Start browsing. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you, any time!

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