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Less tension in your legs, back and shoulders is not just a matter of posture, but also the right foot rest. It will ensure you assume a comfortable and ergonomic sitting position at your desk. By the way, they also come as heated models for everyone who gets cold feet.

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Office foot rests – well seated for better posture

You really can't repeat it often enough: those who have a better seat will benefit more from work! This is because the right ergonomics stop you from assuming bad posture, with all the associated stress and strain, or even lost working days. One way to introduce ergonomics and physical health to the workplace with ease is shown by the footrests available from kaiserkraft.

Foot stools and seating position – what do they have to do with each other?

There are good reasons why the topic of healthy seating is important to our working environment. When you choose and configure office chairs, desks and similar products according to ergonomic principles, you'll be giving your body all the support that its needs when you're seated. After all, this posture is heavy going for your spine, circulation and your muscles.

Your legs and feet play an important role in this. If they are left dangling in the air or are folded at an adverse angle when you're sitting on a chair that has been set too low, then your entire body will start to cramp and knot up. This is why our foot rests prove really useful at workstations with a normal desk, or workplaces that are used by several persons. After all, their flexibility will ensure you'll assume the perfect posture suited to your individual needs while seated, and this without any great investment.

Footrests from kaiserkraft: more benefits when it comes to comfort

You'll notice this perfection immediately: you can keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, while resting comfortably on a sturdy base. You no longer have to stop your legs, and therefore your back muscles, from dangling, and your whole body will feel relaxed. You'll almost automatically assume an optimal posture while seated with your full spine finding support against the back rest.

Foot rests that can be adjusted for height as well as for the angle of inclination are particularly comfortable and ergonomic. Additional comfort is provided by a heating function, for example. And needless to say, all the products available from kaiserkraft are sturdy, anti-slip and made for daily use in the office.

Because this topic is so important to us, we have put together a number of guides to sitting in the office for you:

Furthermore, we'd like to present a key element of an outstanding seating situation to you separately. Our electrically height adjustable desk Upliner 2.0 clearly demonstrates that healthy seating doesn't end with a chair. We're happy to give you any advice you need related to foot rests and other products that promote ergonomics at work.

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