Organise your desk with BIANCA
The Bianca office furniture series offers add-on units for the complete configuration of workstations in your office. In addition, an office shelf unit makes it easy to organise storage space.

Bianca office furniture series – basic office furnishings in different sizes
The Bianca office furniture series allows you to completely furnish your office space. There is a basic set on offer, as is appropriate for our BASE group. The commonly used colours or light grey and beech finish give every office room a new shine. The Bianca office furniture series is particularly practical as it not only can be constantly expanded but you can also choose between different sizes. Office shelving and cupboards are available in heights of three and five file heights. The alternative office shelf cupboard is especially worth mentioning. With this unit, the bottom part has a height of three file heights and the top part a height of two files. This allows shelf units, cupboards and cupboard-shelf combinations to be optimally linked together. If you already have the Bianca office furniture series in your offices and need more storage space, you can add a new cupboard or shelf unit at any time. It will always fit in optically.

Organise your desk with the Bianca office furniture series
The Bianca office furniture series includes desks in three different widths – 800, 1200 and 1600 mm. These conventional widths are of course by no means all there is to these desks – with a 90° linking panel, they can be transformed into a corner desk. A further option for enlarging the work surface is a trapezoid corner panel or a round extension table with a support foot. You can find the various extension panels under the available combinations. In addition the Bianca office furniture series has many accessories for ensuring your desks are better organised. The Bianca desks have a horizontal cable tray with a great deal of space for the cables of your work devices on and under the table. To avoid a tiresome tangle of cables, a side panel can be used to route cables vertically. Work utensils that are required every day can be stored in matching mobile pedestals. The Bianca office furniture series has two versions on over, with materials drawers or with a suspension filing drawer. The mobile pedestals have common key central locking with pull-out stops. Bianca office furniture will ensure a well organised start to the day.