Mobile safety steps, platform ladders

Mobile safety steps are ideal for working at heights! Their anti-slip feet and steps allow you to access heights safely. Once you have arrived at the top of the platform, you can work safely and with plenty of space.

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Mobile safety steps – a safe workplace in mid-air

Ladders have never been your thing? Too unsafe and too little freedom of movement? High time to discover our mobile safety steps. They make working above the floor fun.

Versatile, mobile and safe – mobile safety steps in many versions

Sufficient space, firm hold and a railing – under these conditions even reticent employees will stand on a platform. Above all, this lets them keep their hands free to carry out complicated tasks - without having to fear falling from the ladder. At KAISER+KRAFT you get ladders with one or two steps as well as versions several meters high. You can also choose between single and double-sided mobile safety steps, different materials and much more.

Because ladders are often used at different locations, many of our platform ladders are made of lightweight aluminium and are equipped with castors. For outdoor use when exposed to wind and weather, we recommend zinc plated mobile safety steps.

Even more ladders for every requirement

In addition to mobile safety steps, a wide range of other ladders and scaffolding is available from KAISER+KRAFT: from lean to ladders and step ladders to multi-purpose ladders and steps. Anti-slip tread covers provide additional safety.

Would you like help with making your selection? Read our guide to correct ladder size selection. Our tips for using ladders safely and preventing back injury are useful after making a purchase. Dare to climb high!

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