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Suspension filing cabinets are irreplaceable in doctor's practices, clinics, administrative offices and so forth, because they provide an organised home for suspension files, from A to Z. Our product range is just as orderly: with pull-out stops and central locking mechanisms, you'll find our suspension file cabinets perfect for your needs.

In the category Drawer cupboards, file suspension cabinets we offer you products of the following brands: BISLEY, mauser, C+P, eurokraft basic, eurokraft pro.

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Suspension file cabinets: Robust and durable. A top performer for your office.

Wouldn't that be practical? A drawer in a cupboard, deep enough to hold suspension files in an A4 format, and which allows documents and forms used for ongoing projects to be sorted quickly, but in an organised manner – and to be sorted out again. At least until the project has been completed and ready for the archives. Of course, it would be practical, so you're lucky it already exists – it's called a filing cabinet.

You'll find that kaiserkraft has a wide range of filing cabinets in different widths and heights that will do the term proud. They come as single track or double track versions, with up to four drawers. And the features leave little to be desired: Brand-name quality from Bisley, mauser or EUROKRAFTpro, powder coated or stove enamelled sheet steel housing in many different colours, fully extendable drawers, some models with dampened self-retraction mechanisms. A central lock with cylinder lock ensures that all the contents remain secure as well.

From accounting to clinic management: Organisation needs to be fast too.

That's how it is with a day-to-day routine: open the drawer, remove the folder, close the drawer, open it again, leaf through the file, remove a document, close the drawer – a suspension filing cabinet has to be able to endure plenty of wear and tear. After all, as a component of functioning office equipment, it contributes to ensuring everything remains organised even when working under pressure. To ensure that the data chaos doesn't grow to be too much despite a well-structured office, it's useful to be able to dispose of documents too. A document shredder from our online shop will relieve your filing cupboards of everything that no longer needs to be stored.

Buy yourself a lock – because security means keeping things under lock and key!

Speaking of storage, it's not only sensitive data that need to be kept protected. Does your company work with hazardous substances or keep valuables in stock? kaiserkraft has locks and keys in all sorts of different version for you, which are suitable for everything which shouldn't be accessible for anyone, from theft protection to an electronic lock with a master code. Of course, we're aware that every company is unique and it might just be your operations that need a tailor-made solution: be it suspension file drawers, be it security or be it office materials: Please ask us! It's always a pleasure to be able to help you.

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