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What can you do wrong when it comes to toilet paper?! Nothing. Yet when it comes to toilet paper for your business, there’s a lot that you can do a lot better. Keep reading to find out what exactly this is, and to learn even more valuable tips!

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Toilet paper: it’s not something you can do without

If a screw or a tool is missing, it throws a spanner in the works, but operations can still continue. If there’s no toilet paper, then the situation is critical. Even if there are all sorts of jokes about the toilet paper used for offices, companies and washroom equipment – it's really not something you can do without!

What are the requirements for toilet paper in the company?

When it comes to washroom equipment, absolutely consistent hygiene standards and a sufficiently large stock of the corresponding supplies play the key role. Efficiency and economy should not be neglected either.

  • Ordering toilet paper wholesale to keep in stock is always a good idea. Large rolls for toilet paper holders and toilet paper dispensers require more storage space, but make work easier for cleaning staff and are, all in all, cheaper.

  • Many dispensers for industry are designed for use with industrial and classic household rolls of toiler paper. They ensure that washrooms are always well stocked. Toilet paper dispensers for smaller rolls are sufficient in less highly frequented customer WCs or in small offices, however in all facilities that are used by many people on a daily basis, you should opt for larger rolls.

  • When it comes to prestigious areas, hotel rooms or similar WCs, elegant toilet paper holders for small rolls make the best possible impression.

What is the best quality of paper when it comes to toilet paper for the office or company?

The advantage of industrial rolls in 1-ply quality? Many metres of paper with a manageable roll diameter. In effect, one industrial roll is roughly equivalent to 14 household rolls with a higher ply count. Although the comfort provided is not quite the same as 3 or 4-ply paper, the toilet paper does its job hygienically and at a advantageous price.

1-ply paper also has the advantage of breaking up more quickly in washrooms subject to frequent use, thereby reducing the risk of blocked pipes. This sanitary requirement is therefore exactly right for equipping washrooms and social facilities adequately.

Whether 3 or 4-ply toilet paper really is actually needed in other areas of the company once again largely depends the frequency of use and the image you are aspiring to. If you wish to present yourself as a high-quality company with a clear focus on customer satisfaction – for example in the hotel and hospitality industry – every additional layer of paper is a good investment.

We know toilet paper for businesses just as well as any other aspect of company equipment. That’s why you’re welcome to contact us with any questions you may have!