Whether documents or valuables: security safes are a secure place to keep things that are worth something. Discover high quality safe solutions for commercial use at kaiserkraft – from a freestanding secure cupboard to a built-in furniture safe.

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Security Safes – for the secure storage of documents and valuables

Do you need to protect important documents and valuables from unauthorised access? Then high quality safes are the right solution when it comes to storing them. Depending on the valuables you wish to store and the space you have available, different models will prove suitable. At kaiserkraft, we have safes in different designs and with different security levels to choose from.

Key security aspects for security safes

The two most important security aspects for safes are protection from theft, and protection from fire. Safes and secure cupboards, including lock and material, must be able to withstand acts of force from the outside for a certain period of time.

This resilience of safes is defined in resistance units (RU) in the EU standard EN 1143-1. For data safes in which important data media are stored, a high resistance to fire and extinguishing water is also necessary (EN 1047-1). For less important files, however, safes with a lower security class are sufficient.

Selecting safes – the most important criteria

Depending on the contents or suitability for a particular purpose, different types of safes are available. If personal valuables are involved, built-in furniture safes or correspondingly compact steel safes are a very good choice. Their biggest advantage is that they can be integrated into existing office furniture. Many of these safes are also suitable for being anchored to the wall. This saves space and has a subtle appearance. Free-standing safes are an alternative that can prove particularly useful for keeping a large number of documents and valuables secure.

However, insurance policies may also play a role in determining which safe to select. Insurance companies usually have certain requirements that must be satisfied. Among other things, the way the safe is secured is an important criterion for insurance coverage.

To make the right choice, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you intend to store in the safe? What capacity does it need to have?

  • Which security level must be used to company with the insurer's specifications?

  • Do you prefer keys or electronic locks?

  • How and where should the safe be installed?

You can read more useful information about the selection of safes and secure cupboards in our guides: ABCs of selecting the right safe and Purchasing guide to safes.

What is done with safes that are no longer needed?

If you would like to exchange an old safe for a new model, then use our practical kaiserkraft safe service. If you are interested, please contact us. We will explain everything you need to know.

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