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Moving heavy weights, made easy with our hydraulic lifting jacks. They are an essential piece of lifting equipment, designed to transport heavy goods and machinery effortlessly on an everyday basis. By using machine jacks, your workforce can lift and position goods safely, whether it be manually, hydraulically, vertically or horizontally.

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The benefits of using hydraulic jacks in your workplace

Modern machinery used in production and workshops are weighty, which can cause problems with the logistics of your company. That’s why it’s so important to have the right transport equipment and lifting hoists to keep up with the pace. Lifting jacks play a vital role and, although they may not look so, are enormously powerful in the workplace. They’re flexible, too, and can be used in many different ways across the company.

The different types of machine jacks and what they’re used for

Within our range, we have many different types of machine jacks to choose from, including:

Hydraulic lifting jacks

Lifting jacks with hydraulics are sensitive powerhouses, capable of moving heavy machines and equipment accurately. They’re incredibly safe, with very little effort needed.

Lifting jacks without hydraulics

They can be combined separately with pumps to increase the safety clearance to the load, which makes operating more comfortable. Lifting jacks themselves are compact and can be used practically anywhere and everywhere.

Furniture movers or twin lifters

These types of lifting jacks are recommended when items need to be lifted and moved to another location. They are designed for items, such as heavy cupboards, security safes, and other loads with straight edges. Furniture movers and twin lifting jacks employ easy lifting through hydraulics and offer smooth running rollers, which overcome the distance as effortlessly as the weight.

Travel lifting jacks

It’s not just heavy objects that require the use of our machine jacks; even an office cupboard or small security safe can be difficult to lift and move. Travel lifting jacks are the smart solution, consisting of two separate roller units with a lifting rod.

Understanding how to use hydraulic jacks

Whenever force transmission or smooth lifting is required, hydraulic jacks are needed. They are widely used for balancing, positioning, and raising heavy machinery in instances where precision is required. Machine lifting jacks also provide steadiness, safety when lifting and lowering. When maintained correctly, they are extremely low maintenance items of equipment.

The compact design makes for flexibility in the workplace. Plus, if you’re looking for even more flexibility, hydraulic jacks are designed to be used both vertically and horizontally.

The benefits of suction lifters and when to use them

Machines and goods made of steel and metal are heavy, yet robust. Panes of glass are also very heavy, which makes them extremely difficult to move safely with machinery. Transporting items made from these materials should be done manually, using a suction lifter. With a click, this provides a carrying handle for glass and other goods with a smooth, gas-tight surface.

Finding the right machine lifting jacks for your business

First, it’s important to consider what it is that you need to transport; some items are heavier and more difficult to transport than others. If you need help understanding the different types of lifting jacks we have available in our range, then we’d be more than happy to help. Get in touch with our customer service team to find out more.