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Whether for safe storage, as a way of collecting substances in the event of leaks, or for safe transport: sump trays and base sumps are indispensable for handling liquids that are hazardous to water. Discover sump trays for different needs at kaiserkraft – from universal trays for small containers to zinc plated base trays and mobile sump trays.

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Sump trays and base trays – for collecting, storing, transporting hazardous liquids

Whether for the maintenance of machines or to prevent hazards: when it comes to liquids that are harmful to the environment, special containers are mandatory to store and dispose of them: sump trays. In all areas of industry, mechanical engineering and construction, where fuels, coolants, lubricants, oils, varnishes, alkaline solutions or acids are used, different types of sump trays or base trays can be found.

Sump trays for every requirement

Which sump tray is the right one to select depends on various factors. This is why we offer you sump trays and base trays in all possible sizes and thicknesses, and with different capacities. For example, for which liquids should the tray be suitable? Will it be stored in a shelving unit or on pallets? Do you intend to store or transport individual drums, small containers or several large drums at once?

The following provides a rule of thumb: the material that the sump tray is made of must be resistant to the liquid to be stored. For liquids hazardous to water and flammable liquids, a steel tray is the right choice. For aggressive chemicals such as corrosive acids, on the other hand, sump trays made of plastic or corrosion free stainless steel are suitable.

However, not only the material – which ranges from sheet steel to polyethylene and on to PVC – is decisive for your selection. Depending on the type of hazardous material and type of storage, you can choose between sump trays with a drain, one on castors, one with feet or as drum and small container shelving units. If you want to safely line entire floor areas, large-surface base sumps are excellent items of equipment.

Hazardous materials handling: buy sump trays and drum sumps at kaiserkraft

In addition to sump trays and base sumps, you can also obtain all sorts of other products for professional hazardous materials handling at kaiserkraft. The range includes containers of all kinds such as drums, bins or tanks, hazardous goods storage cupboards and much more. Call us if you have any questions about the range of sump trays or other articles for hazardous materials management.

Would you like to learn more about the storage of hazardous substances? You can read everything you need to know in our guide to storing hazardous substances in accordance with regulations. You can also find out more about storing flammable substances and substances hazardous to water in sump trays.

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