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You’ll find everything you need for safe mailing right here, whether it’s filling material and padding for your parcels, protective materials for packaging, or desiccants. Protect the contents from damage caused by impacts, scratches or other poor treatment – our high quality products promise you maximum protection. Order mailing accessories and padding to maximise parcel protection today!

Padding for parcels: the best transport insurance for your products

When a product leaves your warehouse in top quality, then it should arrive at the customer in exactly the same condition. We have everything you need for filling, padding and protecting the contents of packages. Whether protecting them from impacts, moisture, breakage or creasing – when you use premium protection for your parcels and packages, you’re ensuring nothing bad happens to your delivery.

Which padding material do I need for packaging?

A perfectly padded parcel isn’t just a matter of having the right filling material or bubble wrap. The basis is formed by the ideal packaging for mailing: start by selecting a cardboard box that provides a gap of around five centimetres between the contents and the cardboard. Depending on the product and dispatch route, fill these gaps with our padding for parcels:

  • Sensitive or electronic components should be sent in moisture and corrosion protection, and be wrapped in bubble wrap with small bubbles.

  • Edge and surface protection is most important when transporting furniture. This ensures that the edges of white goods or other products that could be chipped if they bumped are also protected at critical points.

  • Glass, ceramics and other fragile materials are best transported in a mix of padding types: paper padding or foam padding provide direct protection for the object, while air cushions made using padding systems form a second protective layer.

How do padding systems optimise dispatch?

If you decide to add packing tables and cutting stands to the padding and filling systems you already have, then you can switch your mailing logistics to turbo mode. Feed hoppers and stands for filling material, air cushion machines and cardboard perforators fill cavities in a matter of seconds. They are also a fast way to turn cardboard boxes into the perfect size.

Systems like this pay dividends even with a manageable, but regular, number of packages. If you send out sensitive products in particular, these systems automate what is otherwise a time consuming step within logistics processes.

How can I be more sustainable when it comes to padding material for packaging?

The less material you need for padding, filling and protection, the better it is for your environmental footprint and corporate balance sheet. However, going without padding material for packaging altogether isn’t the solution – this only increases the likelihood of damage and therefore the return rate. A happy medium consists of new material ideas and precise coordination:

  • You can now find environmentally friendly alternatives in every category: for example, air cushion films made of paper, recycled plastic or bio film are sustainable filling materials for an optimised environmental footprint while providing the same protective effect.

  • Not every product needs to be sent out with lots of padding. Cardboard boxes which leave little room for things to rattle around, along with a layer of paper padding or foam film, are usually sufficient.

  • If the product itself already has protective packaging, then additional cushioning material is usually unnecessary. Another bonus: smaller packing dimensions save money on postage.

  • Educate customers about the sustainability and recyclability of certain packaging materials. This not only helps to keep the recycling loop going, but also proves that you are a company committed to environmental protection.

If you have any questions about the perfect mix of green logistics and safe dispatch, please ask us about padding materials for packaging. Simply contact us. You can find even more new ideas for green mailing in our tips and trends on the topic of packaging.