Whether for tightening or loosening, pin wrenches and sockets are a powerful combination. To ensure that your employees can enjoy the full benefits, we have a wide range of sockets, from hexasocketsgonal to TORX®, for you to choose from.

In the category Sockets we offer you products of the following brands: KS Tools, VIGOR.

Sockets sets– put on and take off

Dissatisfaction with the status quo often leads to groundbreaking inventions. The best example of this is the American engineer Joseph Johnson and his colleague William Seidemann. Fed up with the many different spanners required in the automotive industry, they quickly went about developing the socket in 1920. We are still grateful for their dissatisfaction today.

Simple principle, powerful effect

All good things come in threes, and this is equally true of sockets:

  • They can loosen nuts and bolts in difficult to access spots.

  • The bit socket only needs to be fitted once. This protects the screw.

  • Unlike a cordless screwdriver, a socket won’t use too much torque.

Strictly speaking, there is a fourth good thing: like many classic tools, sockets come without any bells and whistles. All that is needed is the right socket and, in certain circumstances, a socket extension. Work gloves prevent the screws from leaving marks on your hands.

Tips for choosing the size

The size of sockets in inches provides information about which sockets the bit fits onto. And for what kind of work it is suitable:

  • 1/4'' is used primarily for minor repairs and very hard to reach places.

  • 1/2'', on the other hand, is the socket of choice when changing tyres and many jobs on larger machines.

  • Something in between would be ideal? Choose 3/8''.

Once you have clarified the size in inches, all you have to do decide on a model. At kaiserkraft, you will not only find hexagon sockets, but also TORX®, 5 star profiles, double hexagon sockets and much more. All of this in many different dimensions, available individually or in practical sets. All that’s left is reading the product description if you intend to use an impact wrench. That’s where you’ll find out whether the socket is suitable for manual operation or machine operation.

While you’re at it: take a look at our great selection of other hand tools. From pliers to hex keys. Keeping tools and accessories at hand is easier when you have tool trolleys, workshop desks and workbenches. Not to forget spanners and bits as well as tool sets for all those who prefer to buy their tools in a kit. Do you have any questions? Then ask us.