Place the strapping around the package and tension it, join the ends firms using a seal, and you're done. Sounds easy? And it is too – when you have the seals, metal clamps and buckle fasteners that match the strapping perfectly.

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Seals – for strong strapping

When the word ''seal'' comes up, you might end up thinking of the final step in a work process. Seals are often a necessary item to ensure that the strapping lasts until it reaches its destination. You can stock up on them at kaiserkraft.

What makes seals so important

When it comes to strapping, all good things come in threes: strapping and sealing tongs, or tensioning and sealing tool, and seals. Place the strap around the goods to be transported, tension it and seal it using seals. Securing goods is that simple. But only if the seal and strap are compatible.

The right seal for every strap

The decisive factor when selecting a seal is the material that the strapping is made of. For straps made of steel and plastic, you can use seals that come in the form of sleeves. For polyester or textile straps, there are metal buckles available in our shop. Also available: buckle fasteners specifically for plastic straps.

In addition to the type of fastener, the width of the strap that you wish to seal tight is also decisive. You also have the choice between seals, buckles and clamps in different lengths and thicknesses for different load levels.

Tongs, strap and tensioning tool: the right accessories for every strapping job

The better the tool, the faster strapping will be completed. Round off your equipment now with our large range of seals, straps, sealing tongs and tensioning and sealing tools. Do you often have larger quantities of goods to be transported? Then you’ll benefit from our strapping sets that come in different versions. Automatic strapping tools from kaiserkraft even make seals superfluous. Any questions? Ask us.

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