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Crumbs all over the floor? A glass fell and shattered? Or an entrance that looks dirty due to dry leaves? Brooms and brushes will help you to banish the dirt for good. Choose your new broom now!

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    Brooms and brushes: there's barely a faster way to clean

    There's some types of dirt or surface areas that are so easy to manage that you can leave the heavy-duty cleaning equipment in the cupboard. The good old combination of broom and brush will see you achieve results faster, more flexibly and, in most cases, without any significant physical effort. We have a wide range of products for every department and every application – even for sensitive areas.

    What makes brushes and brooms good ones?

    The way the bristles are secured and made is the most important feature of every good broom – no matter whether the brushes are attached to a classic hand brush or do their scrubbing from a sweeping machine. Natural materials such as rice straw are also used just as often for the brooms on a well-equipped cleaning trolley as weather resistant plastic is.

    What's really important is that you not only select the bristle quality according to whether you'll use it outdoors or indoors, but also make sure it's suitable for the floor.

    How do I know which brooms and brushes are best for the food industry?

    One of the most important rules for the food industry is: cleaning and sanitary requirements must unfailingly prevent any contamination of products, raw materials and machines from occurring.

    That is why only models made of smooth polypropylene are suitable for use as brooms and brushes. It is non-wearing and is food-safe in accordance with EC 1935/2004.

    Bright colours also ensure that a set of brooms used for sweeping production area A doesn't get mixed up with the hand brush used in production area B.

    Are there any rules of thumb for broom and brush storage?

    A commercially available coarse broom is easy to store in the cleaning cupboard together with rubber gloves and mild industrial cleaning agents. To keep the bristles in shape for the long term, it is best to hang up the broom or place it in the corner with the bristles at the top.

    Brooms and brushes for the food industry should, however, always be stored separately from mops and vacuum cleaners. Hygienic stainless steel cupboards are ideal for this purpose.

    What's the best way to clean a broom?

    In this case, you also need to make a distinction between all-purpose models and products used for sensitive areas of the company. All-weather brooms are easy to rinse off or clean using a high pressure cleaner set to low water pressure. When cleaning other models, checking the applicable technical regulations and taking hygiene and disinfection requirements into account is recommended.

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