Workshop cranes are indispensable, also suitable for use in warehouses, production and assembly. Our range includes mobile cranes and stationary cranes, amongst others, offering versatility and strength, capable of lifting and moving heavy loads effortlessly.

In the category Cranes we offer you products of the following brands: Vetter, Thern, Eichinger, eurokraft pro, eurokraft basic.

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Warehouse cranes for production and assembly

Sturdy and stable, mobile gantry cranes are experts when it comes to lifting and moving heavy objects. The models in our online shop can move weights of up to 3,000 kilograms – regardless of whether they are lifting tools, machinery or components. The design of our workshop cranes is particularly suited to indoor use.

Buying workshop cranes from KAISER+KRAFT

In addition to mobile gantry cranes, you will find a large selection of mobile and stationary workshop cranes for almost every purpose:

Mobile gantry cranes made of aluminium or steel

Post and wall mounted jib cranes

Workshop cranes

Counterbalance cranes

You can operate the cranes from our product range even without a crane licence.

Mobile gantry cranes, workshop cranes, jib cranes: how to find the right one

Which workshop crane is right for you depends on the intended use.

Mobile gantry cranes

If you wish to move heavy and bulky loads within a limited area, then mobile gantry cranes are a good choice. Their design with four uprights and a crossbeam offers a large working area and stability. Mobile gantry cranes with rollers are also easy to move around. They are well suited to repairs and assembly work in different locations. In assembly halls and warehouses, the lightweight models with a high max. load offer convenience.

Workshop cranes

Also mobile and can be used in confined spaces. The small and compact cranes do not have to be secured to the wall and still provide absolute stability. Unlike mobile gantry cranes, workshop cranes only feature one single column with a beam and therefore require very little space.

Jib cranes

Combine several work steps at once: lifting, slewing and moving. The cranes are used to lift products from one conveyor belt to another. The wall mounted jib crane models do not take up any space on the floor. For premises in which the room height is limited, you will find a low post mounted jib crane with a compact design.

In addition to mobile gantry cranes, workshop cranes and jib cranes, you will find a large selection of lifting and hoisting equipment in our shop. Feel free to contact us today, we will be happy to help you with your selection.