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Do you know how many different ways there are to glue a package shut? More different types of adhesive tape than you would believe: single-sided, double-sided, waterproof or printed, self-adhesive, colour or wet-adhesive... because it is a visible hallmark of quality for a company, and decisive for problem-free transport.

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Adhesive tapes for packing, fastening and marking

Getting a good grip is half the battle. And this means that it’s high time to stop believing that adhesive tape is only good for sealing things shut. They also have a hold on protecting objects from moisture and theft, fastening or marking items, and preventing accidents. They can even be used for marketing purposes – provided the right adhesive tape is at hand.

Tips for choosing which adhesive tape to use

Polypropylene (PP) is hardwearing, versatile and relatively environmentally friendly. Why is it worth keeping this in mind? Well, our PP adhesive tapes are one example. If the primary objective is a reliable and straightforward way to pack cardboard boxes, then they will pretty much always be the right choice. The whole process is even more convenient when the matching adhesive tape dispensers and safety knives are used.

Masking tape is easy to tear off by hand and is suitable for creating markings. If tear resistance is high on your agenda, we recommend robust fabric tapes. Yet the real high achiever among adhesive tapes is gummed tape. Not only is it extremely resistant to heat, moisture and other environmental factors, but also thwart any clandestine attempts at theft. Just the right thing if you need to transport valuable items.

Are still missing all the other accessories you’ll need for packing? We can definitely help you out. Take a look at our large range of packaging materials right now.

Warning colours and the company’s logo – the benefits of standing out

Sometimes appearances matter, and this is equally true of adhesive tapes. And this is something that the range available from kaiserkraft specifically caters to. The products include tapes with warning colours that no-one could ever overlook. And what about marketing? We can fit you out with PVC tapes featuring your company’s logo specifically for this purpose.

Do you have any other questions about adhesive tapes, packaging material and accessories? Ask us. We will be happy to provide you with answers.

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