Waste bins for outdoors

Everything for the business has a place of its own, and of course this also applies to waste. To ensure that outdoor areas are kept tidy and clean, we recommend our waste containers for outdoors: open or closed waste containers, ones with an ashtray, roof or inner container, or ones made of metal, plastic or wood. You’re guaranteed to find the right waste container right here to keep outdoor areas clean and the business premises tidy – along with all the tips and tricks that will help you maintain tidiness in outdoor areas.

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Waste containers for outdoors

Rubbish is the last thing anyone wants to see in an outdoor area that represents the company, and this is what makes it essential to have somewhere to dispose of it. An adequate number of rubbish bins for the outdoor area will make any time spent outdoors much more pleasant. The positive effect this has on the company’s image is also impressive. Make your choice from our large range of products now!

What characterises waste collectors for outdoors?

Wind, weather and the ravages of time: waste systems for outdoor facilities must be able to withstand quite some wear and tear – and this for longer than just one season. Outdoor rubbish bins for wall mounting or ones set up as freestanding bins boast the ideal prerequisites:

  • Hardwearing, zinc plated steel sheet (at least in the inner container) to contain fire hazards when hot/still smouldering cigarettes are thrown in

  • Fixed anchoring by base plates or mounting options for walls and posts

  • Large deposit slots for disposing of various types of waste, and small openings to signal that no large items of waste should be placed in the bins

  • Hoods as protection from wet weather

  • Drainage for water and moisture

  • Lockable removal devices with straightforward emptying mechanisms

  • Numerous designs to suit any type of facility and create visual effects

How do I go about choosing waste containers for outdoors?

  1. Number: the more waste containers are set up, the better. Place outdoor waste collectors at all entrances and exits, in places where people might linger, such as benches, in car parks and at appropriate intervals along walking paths.

  2. Size: the larger the waste collector, the less often it needs to be emptied. However, rubbish does start to smell bad at some point, which is why a large waste container is not visually attractive or serves its function just anywhere. The closer the outdoor waste collector is to representative areas, the more inconspicuous and smaller it should be.

  3. Mounting: freestanding waste collectors not only require a certain amount of space to be set up in, but also sufficient space around them to allow rubbish to be deposited correctly and the waste collector to be emptied. Outdoor rubbish bins for wall mounting are more versatile – and they can also be mounted on posts. However, this does reduce the amount of rubbish that they can be filled with.

  4. Functionality: if you would like to optimise your waste disposal practices, waste collectors for separating recyclables can play an important role. However, they are some of the largest models. Otherwise, ashtray elements make for a good combination, even if separate ashtrays are less conspicuous and often safer.

  5. Appearance and design: the range of designs is huge. Waste collectors for outdoor use made of plastic are not as attractive as outdoor rubbish bins made of wood or stainless steel. However, vibrant colours make them easy to identify as the right place to dispose of rubbish. In all other cases, whichever waste collector best suits your outdoor spaces is a good choice.

  6. Depositing waste: a waste container next to a picnic table or break area must be able to hold all sorts of food packaging and disposable cups and drink containers. A small opening would be counterproductive in this case. On the other hand, no one would want cardboard packaging to be disposed of in the rubbish bin right at the company’s entrance.

The outdoor area of your company is more than just open space. That’s why we have spent a lot of time examining the topic of waste disposal, and have created many articles that are packed with tips and ideas:

We look forward to your feedback and will be happy to answer any other questions you have at any time. Simply contact us.