Seals, anti-tamper seals

Seals make it unmistakably clear that a consignment may not be opened by unauthorised persons. In addition, this is how you close transport containers such as containers, mesh pallets or stacking containers tightly and secure them against theft or tampering. Read on now and find out everything about security seals and anti-tamper seals.

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Security seals for protection against unauthorised access

Security seals and anti-tamper seals are not open to interpretation. Sealed goods or containers provide a clear statement with a signal effect, a barrier to manipulation and theft, a guarantee of quality and safety.

What makes a seal a good seal?

Security seals are an important element in the international goods transport and are mandatory for many types of transport. They seal containers and valve openings as well as containers, mesh pallets, or entire warehouses and railway wagons.

Their main task is to prevent tampering: a uniquely numbered seal cannot be broken and reattached without leaving a trace. This ensures that a container or device has not been opened by someone who is not authorised to do so.

This may be the case on the international transport route, as well as between two equipment inspections. Generally speaking, seals are a closure, documentation and transport insurance all at the same time.

What types of security seals are available?

  1. Barrier seals seal warehouses, export containers, stacking containers, folding boxes, etc. They are intended to provide protection from manipulation and theft, and at the same time be used as a seal that is safe to transport.

  2. Indicator seals are used to indicate potential tampering or opening. These inexpensive plastic seals can be removed easily, but this does not go unnoticed.

  3. Strapping seals indicate whether strapping and similar goods protection are intact. Since strapping is very easy to remove and replace, the seal is essential for many types of transport.

Depending their material and design, security seals can also be categorised as wire seals or pull-tight seals made of plastic. Pull-tight seals made of seal wire are suitable for mesh pallets, crates and international transport in trucks and containers. They are available in different sizes and can only be opened with the appropriate tools. In general, pull-tight seals are excellent for sealing fire extinguishers, machines or components and therefore serve as tamper protection and test seals at the same time. Plastic seals can also fulfil many tasks – in the chemical industry as well as at security checkpoints.

When and where are security seals mandatory?

As soon as goods or commodities can only be used safely if absolutely no manipulation has occurred, anti-tamper seals are indispensable. This applies to foodstuffs, for example: in this case, seals ensure products can be traced, and mark the quality and origin check for protected goods.

Seals have the same significance in the flow of goods in the chemical and health industries and in occupational health and safety. Placing seals on fire extinguishers or first aid equipment ensures that the products have been checked for intactness or replaced after use. In logistics – especially cross border logistics – seals are just as important as load securing, special markings and complete freight documents.

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