Round slings

Round slings are closed slings made of particularly durable and hardwearing textiles. These hoists allow you to lift loads weighing up to 12 tonnes! Moreover, round slings are easy to stow away and are ready for use even more quickly.

Round slings – no load too heavy

A lifting strap or chain sling? Sometimes a sling is the best solution. Read on to find out why this is the case and how you can find the right round sling to suit your requirements at kaiserkraft.

What can round slings do, and when should I use them?

Round slings are great all-rounders in more than one sense. Let's start with their shape. The shape of the sling changes with that of the load. This adaptability ensures sensitive surfaces aren't damaged.

And round slings are highly versatile in other respects as well. Just like lifting straps and chain slings, they can be connected to or looped around an attachment point directly. Moreover, they provide the option of placing the load in the sling. Which tactic is best when depends on the objects that you need to lift. The same applies to the number of slings you'll need to use. By principle, our round slings always come in a pack of two.

Which properties are particularly important for round slings?

You'll find round slings for loads both heavy and light at kaiserkraft. Which type of sling you are looking at is indicated by the colour:

  • Dark green: 500 kg

  • Violet: 1000 kg

  • Light green: 2000 kg

  • Yellow: 3000 kg

  • Grey: 4000 kg

  • Red: 5000 kg

  • Brown: 6000 kg

  • Orange: ≥10000 kg

However, should you need to lift objects with coarse surfaces, then we'd discourage the use of round slings. For this purpose, you'll find we have chain slings in many different versions and one, two or four strands available.

How long can I use round slings for?

Despite the challenging tasks that they perform, our round slings are durable – providing they are used and stored diligently. However, because they need to satisfy exacting requirements, the following applies: if you notice any damage of any type, then it's time to replace the sling. This is the only way to guarantee that your employees remain as safe as possible.

Having an inspection performed by an expert once a year is required by law. We advise taking a look at your lifting slings and lifting equipment a little more often. That gives you a feeling of security and ensures there are no disruptions to work. If you have any questions about replacement, purchasing new slings, and using slings, you're best contacting us. We'll advise you, not just about lifting slings, but also about other products for setting up warehouses, workshops or offices.

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