Bar stools

An elegant classic that makes a bar into a bar, a bistro into a bistro, a mundane common room into a meeting point for employees to chat: the bar stool. The practical seats are ideal for people of today. For a quick snack, a brief discussion, the business meeting at the bar.

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Bar stools and bar chairs: The best place for relaxed conversations

Sitting and still being at eye level with the surroundings, upright and yet comfortable: not only in private life are bar stools one of the best places for good conversations. These seats are also in demand at trade fairs, at company communication hubs and reception areas.

What are the advantages of bar stools over other types of chairs?

Due to their special seat height, the ease with which they can be climbed onto and vacated again, and the uncomplicated interaction with counters or pedestal tables, bar stools have a much more dynamic effect than the classic table-chair combination.

The user remains at eye level with the (standing) environment at all times. They can lean halfway on the bar stool or sit completely on it – which would not be possible on a chair without looking strange. Bar stools also provide memories of good evenings with friends at the bar.

In addition to this symbolic power, bar stools are also easy to transport. They hardly take up any space, are visually restrained in the room and, in combination with a table at a suitable height, can perfectly enhance the otherwise unused office corner.

What is the ideal height for bar stools?

Models with a fixed height are usually between 70 and 75 cm. This standard guarantees that an average sized person can sit down without effort. Also– and this is an important point in a professional environment – you don't have to worry about clothing. Especially in a skirt, it is sometimes difficult to climb onto a very high bar stool and retain a professional seriousness. This is prevented with the appropriate height.

How do I select my bar stools?

To ensure the bar stool matches your surroundings and corporate image, you should pay particular attention to its appearance. Bright colours and modern looks might refresh the cafeteria or the informal meeting rooms but at a trade fair or reception, however, classic timeless models usually look better.

You are also welcome to ask us further questions about the selection personally.

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