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Hit the mat – well, the industrial matting. Hard to believe all the advantages this product offers: more safety, more ergonomics, more movement. And best of all: you can choose the exact industrial mat to suit your requirements and floor conditions – we've got them!

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Industrial matting – to ensure the right footing

What industrial matting can do depends, of course, on the mat: high quality workplace matting prevents accidents, contributes to a healthy posture and ensures that your employees fatigue less quickly.

Industrial matting achieves this by preventing slipping. Anti-fatigue matting is particularly high and soft, or comes with nubs. This creates a flexible surface that is easy on joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments – especially when working long shifts. Matting with a perforated surface facilitates the drainage of liquids such as oil or water. You can also find wooden safety grids that can be driven on with a forklift truck, table matting for workbenches and much more at kaiserkraft.

Industrial matting: the right mat for every use

The decisive factor when deciding which industrial matting to purchase is where it will be used, and who performs which activity on them:

  • For many workplaces in production or the workshop, anti-fatigue matting is a good choice.

  • As is commonly known, exceptions make the rule. When it comes to precision work in particular, we advise using an underlay that ensures a firm footing.

  • Open matting is suitable for work with liquids. If you would like to protect the floor below the matting, choose closed matting.

  • If the person standing on the matting works with chemicals, it is essential that the matting can withstand the chemicals in question.

  • Welding workplaces require flame-retardant industrial matting that does not yield even at high temperatures.

  • The size of plug-in systems can be individually adapted to the respective workplace.

How we help you make your decision

You can gain an initial overview of the different properties of industrial matting by consulting our floor matting guide. This allows you to determine at a glance which matting does what. If you are looking for industrial matting that can withstand chemicals, it is best to contact us directly. In this case, the type of chemical plays a key role. As you realise, some thought needs to be put into the choice of matting. But don't worry, we won't leave you alone with this task. Of course, this also applies to wet room matting, entrance matting and many other products both large and small from our online shop.

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