Steel Cupboards & Storage Units and organisation

Just imagine a working environment without cupboards. All your documents would be sorted into stacks around your office. And every time that you needed a specific tool, you would have to search through your entire storeroom. Does that sound far from optimal? That's what we think too. This is why KAISER+KRAFT offers you a large range of cupboards for offices, workshops and other operations at your company. And ensure you can work without piles of paper and lost productivity due to long searches, especially when you decide on the right candidate.

From the office cupboard to the clothes locker – work proceeds smoothly with the right cupboards

Of course, you also have the option of simply storing everything in one and the same cupboard: packing lists, screws and your own work clothing. But let's be honest: that's not much better than stacking things up either.

You're better off by combining different cupboards, each of which is perfect for its respective task area:

Now that you have the right cupboards for your work utensils, where are you going to put your bags, work clothing and wallet or purse? Lockers made by Wolf, QUIPO, EUROKRAFT or LISTA provide an elegant solution to this problem. And they give you a choice between small lockers and cloakroom lockers, straightforward models or cupboards with feet, a bench, a cylinder lock, vision panels... Furnish your common rooms in a way that makes your employees feel at ease even when getting changed.

Double the safety with hazardous goods storage cupboards

Do you store goods in your warehouse or laboratory which can cause more harm than a few folders ever could? Then make sure you use the hazardous goods storage cupboards from brands such as EUROKRAFT, QUIPO or asecos. Manufactured from sturdy materials and with equipment features such as tray shelves and pressure relief valves, they will double the safety: they prevent the escape of flammable, toxic or caustic substances and guarantee that the legal regulations governing the storage of hazardous goods are satisfied.

And if you're not sure which cupboard is the right one for your requirements? Just ask us. We'll help you to banish the stacks of materials for good.

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