Steel cupboards

It’s amazing how versatile robust steel can be! Our steel cupboards really can do everything, and are specialists when it comes to details while offering a surprising amount of storage space. What’s more, they’re perfect when you simply need more security.

Steel cupboards: the indestructible custodians

A company without steel cupboards? Inconceivable. These robust storage solutions, security experts and custodians of valuables are one of the key ways to keep company operations running smoothly. Whether in trade and industry, or in offices and administration: at kaiserkraft you’re guaranteed to find the ideal steel cupboard for absolutely every requirement!

Which steel cupboards are available?

A steel body, steel doors, steel shelves and steel drawers – that’s all it takes for this means of storage to be considered a steel cupboard. However, different areas within the company place specific requirements on industrial steel cupboards. We’ll be happy to cater to these with our large range of cupboards in outstanding commercial quality:

What benefits do steel cupboards have?

  1. Extremely high stability and durability

  2. High load capacities per compartment or drawer

  3. Suitable for intensive use

  4. Chemical and dirt resistant (depending on design and class)

  5. Timeless, minimalist design

  6. Easy care and maintenance

  7. Little need for replacement

Good to know: steel is an outstandingly ecological material. It is 100 percent recyclable and can be remelted and reworked time and time again.

Use these questions to find the right steel cupboard:

  1. What do you intend to store in the steel cupboard?

  2. Do you need galvanised (and therefore robust) shelves?

  3. Which max. load should the shelves be able to support?

  4. Do you also store water hazardous substances in the cupboards?

  5. How large are the goods being stored?

  6. Will small parts also be stored in drawers?

  7. Which door type do you prefer?

  8. Which locking system is suitable?

Let’s make it easy: we’ll help you decide which cupboard to purchase

You tell us which function your steel cupboard has to perform, and we’ll tell you which product suits you best. Sometimes the answer is obvious: if you store hazardous liquids, it has to be a hazardous goods storage cupboard. If you intend to sort small parts and tools, it may be a workshop or tool cupboard that’s best. Sometimes, however, you’re not quite certain what you need it for. In cases like this, it is worth taking a look at the guidelines relevant to specific areas of the company. There are also ones for cloakroom lockers and similar storage cupboards, and that provide a detailed description of which requirements the cupboard and material quality must satisfy. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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