Scrapers, trowels and spatulas

For smooth walls and surfaces: spatulas, trowels and scrapers help you to apply precise layers of grout or tile compound. This makes them the ideal tools if you wish to achieve the smoothest and most exact result possible. The kaiserkraft online shop has many different versions of spatulas, trowels and scrapers for you to discover so you can work on any surface in no time at all.

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Scrapers, trowels, spatulas – the all-rounders in the factory and workshop

Whether for tiling, wallpapering or general renovation work – scrapers, trowels and spatulas are suitable for a variety of tasks. When used correctly, these tools, together with levelling compound, remove any unevenness and fill small cracks and holes in walls and floors. This allows you to create the optimum basis for further work on the respective surface.

Which scrapers, trowels and spatulas are suitable for which jobs?

For fine cracks, use small and handy spatulas. This gives you maximum control over the compound and substrate. Fine spatulas and joint spatulas are suitable for joints or corners. They are particularly narrow, and are therefore also able to reach areas that are other wise difficult to access. What’s more, these products ensure your work will always be precise, even on small jobs. You can work with a similar level of precision using a scraper. It is suitable for trimming work, i.e. removing sharp edges and corners.

Use spatulas and trowels to apply a generous amount of tile or levelling compound and to distribute it evenly. You can also use these practical hand tools to remove unwanted residue from walls or floors. Generally speaking, non-ferrous alloy spatulas are a suitable choice for industrial applications. They are resistant to wear and won’t break. For painting and wallpapering, use trowels made of flat stainless steel or non-damaging foam rubber.

What needs to be observed when using a spatula?

In addition to the right levelling compound, you also need the right type of tool when carrying out levelling work. For larger repairs, work with a wide finishing spatula. It works best if you start by applying plenty of compound over a large area. Then scrape it off with only a small amount of pressure and semi-circular movements, making your way from top to bottom.

Are you looking for tools suitable for drywall construction, tiling or wallpapering work? Then browse through our wide range of spatulas, trowels and scrapers. If you have any questions about individual models, simply contact us. Our service team will be happy to advise you personally on all kinds of hand tools.

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