Industrial Rubber gloves

They are hygienic protection for our hands. Disposable rubber gloves made of latex, vinyl or nitrile protect you from chemicals, oils and greases. They therefore help prevent injuries.

Nitrile gloves: safe protection for your hands

Whenever you come into contact with fats, oils, chemicals or even biologically hazardous substances, rubber gloves are a reliable means of protection for your hands. However, the term ''rubber gloves'' is in fact misleading. It's now generally used as a collective term for different types of rubber gloves. These feature different rubber compositions and are intended for different purposes.

Choose rubber gloves: latex, nitrile or vinyl?

Disposable rubber gloves come in many designs, each of which has its own specific advantages and disadvantages:

  • Latex gloves: rubber gloves made of latex provide protection from acids, bases, alcohols and ketones. They are hardwearing, but have a high allergy potential. The gloves are also not intended for working with fats and oils.

  • Nitrile gloves: latex-free nitrile gloves are very well tolerated by most people. However, the material is less elastic. As the gloves are oil and grease resistant, they can also be used for working with food.

  • Vinyl gloves: the rubber gloves made of vinyl are a good alternative for those who suffer from a latex allergy. The gloves offer protection around many acids and bases, but not, however, chemical solvents.

Disposable or reusable gloves?

Disposable rubber gloves are powder-free and have a close fitting, anatomical fit. They are ambidextrous, have textured fingertips and are available in conventional sizes from S to XL. Reusable rubber gloves, on the other hand, come with long cuffs or a rolled brim. They are washable and can be reused.

A question of standards: choosing the right rubber gloves

If rubber gloves are used as protective gloves in the workplace, they must meet the requirements of the applicable EU standards. Depending on the workplace and the activity, different designs may therefore be necessary. Be sure to inform yourself about the occupational health and safety regulations before buying rubber gloves.

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