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Even minute objects can do all sorts of damage to the eyes. With the right eye protection, they won't get anywhere near them.

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Eye protection – safety goggles and face shields

Nothing but hot air? Don't trust your eyes. Where people are hard at work, particles of all kinds will often be found suspended in the air. Your employees need the right eye protection so that nothing can get into their eyes and injure them. Depending on the model, protection is also provided against chemical influences and harmful light.

When wearing glasses makes sense

Protective goggles are particularly important wherever metal, wood or natural stone is being processed. Employees also need eye protection when welding or working with chemicals. In short, wherever the air might contain substances that could injure your eyes, or where protection against UV radiation or bright light is necessary.

Tips for choosing glasses

Keep your eyes open when purchasing glasses. The following tips will help you find the perfect eye protection:

  • Safety spectacles are made like conventional glasses. They are easy to put on and take off, and provide good protection against mechanical dangers, such as particles that are flying around. With fitted with side protection, they also provide protection from gases, vapours or liquid splashes.

  • Full vision safety goggles look a bit like ski goggles. By hermetically sealing off the area around the eyes, they also form a barrier against liquids, vapours, smoke or gases, and protect the user from thermal dangers.

  • Welding goggles shield the eyes from dazzling light.

Glasses with and without UV protection can be found by using our filter function. Please also pay attention to the product description to find out the exact areas of use, as well as which additional features, such as a high level of impact resistance or ventilation valves for full vision safety goggles, are included. Of course, every type of eye protection in our shop complies with the requirements of the EN 166 standard.

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