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The mountain will come to Muhammad – or in other words: the store rolls to the workplace. Yes, with our mobile racks, this really is the case. Here you can store everything you need for your mobile work – small parts as well as larger stock items.

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Mobile shelving for more flexibility, space and order

When you think about your warehouse or workshop, wouldn't you love it to have more storage capacity? If so, you should take a closer look at our mobile racks. The mobile racks with open fronted storage bins can accommodate everything you need for work. Small parts, in particular, can be optimally stored and in large numbers. This brings even more order into the system and gives you more flexible space usage. You thus have everything at your fingertips and know exactly where it belongs. In addition, mobile racks are easy to operate and require little maintenance. The main reasons in favour of mobile small parts racking systems.

Where are mobile shelving used?

Mobile shelving with open fronted storage bins are particularly suitable for assembly and storage, order picking or as special offer trolleys in sales areas. Craftsmen, warehouse staff and customers can quickly find the materials they need thanks to the clear arrangement.

What should you bear in mind when selecting mobile racks?

Depending on what you want to store, you can choose between aluminium, polypropylene or steel mobile racks. Aluminium mobile racks, for example, are particularly impact-resistant and do not rust. The material of the open fronted storage bins should also be selected accordingly. Polyethylene is, for example, usually suitable for use in areas with hazardous substances such as oil or acid. If you're not sure whether a mobile rack is suitable for the working environment in your company, simply ask us.

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