Spillage emergency kits

A leaking tank, a burst drum, spilled liquid? First of all: don’t panic! Secondly: reach for the spillage emergency kit for trade and industry! After all, this kit contains everything you need in an emergency: absorbent sheets, absorbent socks, absorbent cushions, buckets, wipes, disposal bags and gloves. A package that will let you keep any type of incident under control – learn more helpful tips and tricks in the article.

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Spillage emergency kits: equipped for emergencies

Not every company needs to address all details of leakage management. However, every company should be prepared for emergencies. Spillage emergency kits offer all the basic equipment required for removing oils, acids and other hazardous liquids. When it comes to the crunch, this can not only help protect the environment, but may also be required by law.

What is a spillage emergency kit?

Spillage emergency kits can be compared to a first aid kit for hazardous goods handling.

They contain everything for immediate and safe leakage management in the event that hazardous liquids leak. Depending on the model, the kit, which is already packed with everything needed, may be a cupboard, a trolley for spillage emergencies, a bucket containing the product, in a disposal container or in a box. The kit can, for example, be kept in the workshop or garage to save space, also ensuring it is immediately at hand when needed.

What does a spillage emergency kit contain?

The emergency kits consist of the indispensable basic equipment, along with useful additional accessories. The basic equipment for leakage management includes:

The basic equipment can be supplemented by many other aids included in larger set, and which are equally important in many companies:

Which criteria do I base my choice of spillage emergency kit on?

In the same way that absorbent sheeting and absorbent socks are colour coded, spillage emergency kits can be ordered as versions for chemicals, oil and universal leaks. Choose the product(s) most likely to be required in the respective area of the company. Universal models are practical for every company.

The total absorption capacity in litres is based on the equipment included in the kit, and the quantity. This value is an important guide when making your selection. If you regularly handle 50 litre canisters or drums, then 20 litre kits will prove insufficient even as a purely precautionary measure.

Don’t forget: check the contents of your emergency kits regularly to make sure they are complete, and refill all components after a leak.

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