Office shelving units, Bookcases

Busy workspaces require office shelves, bookcases and units to keep things tidy and organised. Within our range, we have options with varying dimensions and shelf depths in a variety of colours and materials, so you can find the right piece of furniture to organise your office.

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Introducing office shelves and bookcases to your workspace

It's often the little things that turn a practically furnished office into a perfectly organised space. In this case, these little things are office shelving systems, bookcases, and wall shelves. Designed without doors, your employees will be able to simply look, reach in and grab what they need in a flash. Open storage systems such as these have advantages over their traditional cupboard counterparts.

Choosing between office shelves and bookcases

When deciding on whether to choose office shelving systems, cupboards or bookcases, the same questions arise over and over again – regardless of whether you're looking for office furniture or configuring a workshop or warehouse. What do you want to store in it? Who needs to access the content and how often? How much space is required?

Office shelving systems

In an office space, it's the most frequently used files and documents that should be placed in the office shelving system, so long as leaving them accessible to everyone doesn't cause issues with data protection or security. If that is the case, then lockable storage cupboards are a better choice.

Office bookcases

In contrast, office bookcases always offer the advantage of having no doors. This makes taking measurements much easier, as you won’t need to factor in the swing radius of doors – something which is particularly helpful for small offices.

Office shelving units

A good option for storing files and folders. To add to your office aesthetic, consider introducing colour-coded files, which also enables your documents to be organised on a whole new level. Office shelving units are also great for storing office supplies in boxes, such as pens.

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