Letter boxes & postboxes

We don't need to discuss what letter boxes are good for. Let's focus on size, material and design. What would you like your new letter box to look like? Should it be made of stainless steel or sheet steel? With a sloping roof or a flat top? Rounded or angular? Large scale or standard size? The options are almost endless. So have a look around and choose your favourite.

Letter boxes & Mailboxes – giving your post the security it needs

You know perfectly well that a letterbox is absolutely essential to ensure that your post arrives safe and sound. But did you also know that there are standard requirements for letterboxes designed to make life easier for postal workers and recipients alike? And have you ever considered how a letterbox can simplify your postal logistics? Let's take a closer look!

The right recipient at the right time – it all depends on the letter box

As soon as you start thinking about purchasing a new post box as an item of outdoor equipment for your company, then not only material, size and colour should play a role. It might be more interesting to consider whether it ordering several models might be more worthwhile.

The advantages are obvious: If you install a letterbox for different departments, and identify the respective department as the postal address on your website, then you will save yourself the tedious task of sorting and distributing the post. If your postman or woman has been informed about how the system works, then mix-ups won't occur either. This tends to function particularly well when you choose different colours for the respective departmental letterboxes. You can still ensure they have a uniform appearance by selecting the same form. Which makes it just as well that the models available from kaiserkraft are usually available in several colours.

Installing a large scale outside letterbox with a second compartment for bulky packages alongside the standard models for letters might also be worthwhile. This will stop postal workers from finding themselves in the unpleasant situation of having to stuff letters and parcels into slots they don't fit through, or having to leave them in unsuitable places or hand them over to the neighbours.

Are there standard requirements for letter boxes and post boxes?

Good to know: The standard EN 13724, or what is known as the letterbox standard, specifies that commercially available postboxes must ensure that delivery logistics can proceed smoothly. Among others, the following specifications apply:

  • Able to accommodate an unbent and undamaged C4 envelope

  • High level of weather and corrosion protection for outdoor use (meaning the post stays dry)

  • Stacking height at least 40 mm (lots of room for lots of mail)

  • Resistance to theft

Should you have any more questions about the range of letter boxes available from kaiserkraft to install in your outdoor areas, then feel free to ask us at any time.

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