Material containers

Do you have a lot of things to store but very little space? Material containers might be the right solution for you, because they provide an extremely high level of flexibility when using the space available, and sturdy protection from the weather – offering both indoor and outdoor models.

Material containers and material containers: save yourself building costs

Even on the largest company grounds, storage space is finite. Especially if you would like to store equipment and materials so they are wind, storm proof and theft-proof. Instead of calling the architect and building new storage areas, simply order material containers. These prefabricated containers save you a complicated conversion process.

What do I have to consider when setting up the storage containers?

The ''quick-build container'' in our product range has been given its name for good reason. This compact material container can be set up by two employees without tools in just a few minutes. This is made possible by an ingenious connector system that does not even require instructions. If you would like to know how it works, we have created a short video for you on the product page.

The material container combinations can be interconnected on the long side so that you can create small warehouses with a floor area of up to 30 square metres. Setting them up is also an easy task and you only need a few employees. Assembly is based on a similar plug-in connection system to the one used for the quick-build containers. However, due to the dimensions, you should try to have a few more helping hands and the appropriate safety devices ready and waiting.

Do I have to obtain planning permission for these containers?

From experience, you know how differently the diverse regions, districts and parishes regulate their planning laws for a wide variety of prefab offices. Unfortunately, this is no different for the set up of a storage container.

Depending on the responsible public authority, storage and material containers are regarded as fixed, purpose-built buildings for which planning permission is required. It is irrelevant that these containers can be easily moved with a crane and do not require a foundation. Other jurisdictions take a different view and allow storage containers up to a certain size to be used without planning permission.

In the event of non-compliance with the applicable regulations, the authorities may impose fines and often demand the ''demolition'' of the container.

However, safety regulations regarding snow load, ground load capacity, wind and suction loads and safety clearances remain unaffected by permits. You must always meet these requirements – no matter what else the building law requires of you.

Can I adapt storage and material containers to my needs?

If you decide for a certain container model from our product range, you also have the option of personalizing the respective product for your specific needs. You can see which alternatives or services are possible on the product page. Smaller models allow you to change the door hinge depending on the room requirements, and a large material container also allows you to order window modules, additional doors etc. from us. Please send us an individual request.

Which storage containers do I use for the storage of hazardous materials?

For the storage of flammable liquids in drums and similarly hazardous substances, you need special depots and shelf units for the storage of hazardous substances. These are fireproof or certified according to the respective technical rules and standards.

Whether and how these products for the handling of hazardous substances may then be placed in a storage container cannot be answered in general terms. In any case, these space systems must be equipped with additional safety precautions.

We would be pleased to advise you personally about our product range or to prepare individual offers specifically for your storage requirements for hazardous substances. Please contact us for further information.

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