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Every company needs to have them: dustpans and shovels help you to sweep up dirt. Regardless of whether you need them for outdoor use, the office or the food industry – you'll find the right dustpan for every requirement right here.

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    Dustpans and shovels help you make a clean sweep!

    Only when used with a dustpan does a hand brush become a practical way of sweeping up – experience will teach you this! There are, however, good reasons to take a closer look when making your choice. This is because dustpans and shovels are versatile utensils that can help you make a clean sweep – if the model is the right one.

    What benefits do dustpans with long handles have? Do they have any drawbacks?

    The key benefit is self-evident: you don't have to keep bending down when gathering up the dirt. Moreover, you can sweep up and conveniently guide the dirt into the dustpan at the same time. However, the larger radius of action has its price: you'll have to empty the dustpan into the waste sack secured to the cleaning trolley, which requires a little more athleticism and a good sense of balance.

    On the other hand, a hand sweeper set like this also ensures you can work ergonomically and in comfort in areas where there's neither electricity nor space for sweeping machines nor other motor-powered cleaning and sanitary equipment.

    However, if you really need to give things a thorough clean, or stubborn street dirt needs to be removed, in most cases it would be better to use a high-pressure cleaner.

    What food industry requirements do dustpans and shovels cater to?

    Dustpans and shovels aren't just suitable for interim cleaning in the production area – they are also suitable for transport and quality assurance processes for semi-finished products or raw materials.

    Ideally, they are made of smooth polypropylene, are produced in one piece and are non-wearing. They are easy to handle even when you're wearing thick rubber gloves and come in bright colours that indicate the applications they are used for.

    Which details are most important when choosing dustpans?

    If you want to sweep up and collect leaves or coarse dirt in one fell swoop, shovels with a particularly large pan and high edges at the sides are best.

    Compact dustpan and broom sets are also a practical and lightweight supplement to mops and vacuum cleaners. When purchased for use in the company, you should make sure you opt for particularly hardwearing and robust models made from material that is also designed for contact with the industrial cleaning agents that are typically used.

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