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They went to the school for hard knocks: workshop tables for industry and trade are flexible, economic and well-schooled ergonomically. Simply put together your own individual workstation from our product range. We can offer you the most diverse components to ensure everything fits on and at your work table.

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Height Adjustable Workshop tables – the ideal surface

Whether in production, in the workshop or in shipping, nothing will gets done when there’s no table. And the better the table, the easier the work is. That’s why we at kaiserkraft only offer work tables that earn the name – made of robust materials, with high load capacities and extras for work that is easy on the spine.

This is what work tables must be able to do

Depending on where it is used, a work table is an organisational hub, storage facility and workplace in one. In industry, it also comes into contact with heavy materials, liquids and aggressive substances.

This is why our work tables can take an awful lot. Different dimensions and shapes, as well as the option of combining standard and extension tables provide flexibility. In addition, you can purchase tables of different heights in our shop. After all, height is crucial to ensuring that your back remains comfortable at work.

Why height is so important

A straightforward way to avoid back pain, spinal diseases and sick days is to have a work table at the right height. Which one this is depends on your own height, but also on the activity. For precision work when seated, about 1000 mm is a good guideline, for assembly work it may be about 200 mm less. If you often work standing up, you will need a higher table.

Because these are quite a number of variables, our work tables are height adjustable. This means it is no problem if people of different heights work at one and the same table. Thanks to the electric motor, adjustment is quick and easy to carry out. All you need then is an ergonomic chair. And we sell those too.

Work tables: the difference that material makes

The tabletop has to withstand the most, especially when your employees handle heavy components, soldering irons and drills. In this case, it is best to choose a work table with a worktop made of solid wood, with sheet steel cover or – for soldering in particular – linoleum. Melamine is ideal for light activities such as writing, packing and testing. MDF panels are the most economical solution. Do you work with sensitive electronic components that can be damaged by electrostatic charges? Then using ESD work tables is a must.

Do you have a tabletop that’s getting on in years? kaiserkraft get you a replacement. In addition to complete work tables and desks, we also stock tabletops made by different brands and in different sizes.

The right accessories make the table perfect

To turn a desk into a perfect workplace, you can upgrade it with accessories from our online shop – for example, with manoeuvrable mobile draw units, lamps, desk space savers and much more. You can also get expert advice on chairs and tables and the perfect workplace equipment from us. This means there’s nothing stopping you from having an efficient workplace. And if you’re not quite sure – ask us, we will be happy to advise you!

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