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Organisation is half the job. And there are tool trolleys for the other half. Or where else would you want to keep your hammers, saws, nails, plugs, screwdrivers, nuts, Allen keys, goggles, pliers, adhesives, clamps, screws and seals?

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Tool Box Workshop trolleys: a workplace on castors

With each additional step that an employee has to take to get to the tool box, the time required for a task increases. This is why tool trolleys are not only a practical solution for optimising work processes, but also ensure a perfectly equipped workplace that can be easily adapted to different requirements.

Where do tools need be perfectly stored and yet kept mobile?

Tool trolleys are available whenever the work assignment has not been standardised, and many different tools or components are needed. This applies, for example, to all repair and service tasks you perform in the car workshop. In single-item production and individual assembly, every operation performed and every tool required is different as well.

When servicing a vehicle, you are constantly moving around the car and working in new positions, for example. It is therefore ideal if your tool kit and supply of small parts can keep pace with you. Thanks to smooth running castors and a design tailored for transport, this is no problem for mobile tool trolleys.

How do I use inserts for tool trolleys?

Professional tool kits are available from us in versions that come with shadowboards, which can be placed directly in the drawers of the tool trolleys. Because the drawers are fully extendable, you can find the tool you need immediately, and your workplace will always be well organised.

With individual drawer dividers or inserts, you can also organise the tool trolley according to your own requirements, and therefore add other frequently required accessories to the tool trolley – for example, as a small parts cabinet.

Tool trolleys with add-on perforated panels are perfectly equipped to ensure quick access and good organisation. And these models can also be optimised for use for the respective job with the corresponding holders and individually adjustable shelves.

The trolleys provide absolute freedom to configure and organise things as you see fit, as you can add and equip them with different modules. These trolleys also offer the advantage of allowing every employee to optimally organise his or her workplace with the corresponding inserts, supports and panels himself or herself – only a few simple steps are needed to do this again and again.

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