Ashtray & litter bin combinations

One hand clutching a paper cup, the other hand holding the last cigarette before it's time to start work. To make sure the cigarette butt doesn't land on the ground and the coffee cup doesn't get tossed into the nearest hedge, provide a waste bin with ashtray or a safety ashtray to make the disposal easy. Choose a suitable ashtray & litter bin for your entrance from our product range.

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Combination ashtrays double the cleanliness in outdoor areas

Double up on equipment to reduce your outdoor furniture. Ashtrays & Litter bins from kaiserkraft do double the work, while their appearance presents a united front. This ensures they contribute to clean and tidy outdoor areas and smokers' corners – and this even where space is limited.

Space saving, robust and fireproof – ashtrays and rubbish bins in one

Ashtray litter bins from kaiserkraft will spare you the effort of having to install separate rubbish bins and ashtrays by combining both units in one. This ensures your employees can dispose of any rubbish, along with cigarette butts, in one and the same place. This saves space and reduces the amount of rubbish that is tossed onto the ground. To ensure they can withstand the wind and weather when installed outdoors, our combination ashtrays, which come in different sizes, feature an outer cover made of sturdy sheet steel or stainless steel. There are containers available with a roof for unsheltered areas. Inner containers with bar handles instead of waste sacks also make emptying them easier.

If you don't like the idea of placing any old bin out in front of your entrance, then you'll find that our combination ashtrays are not only practical, but also presentable. This is ensured by high quality materials, attractive colours and a tasteful and unobtrusive design. Closed ashtrays with small openings in the lid also help keep the air clean.

No risk of fires with flame extinguishing combination ashtrays

This only leaves the question of what happens when a smouldering cigarette falls through the wrong opening. The combination ashtrays from kaiserkraft have been made fireproof for exactly this reason. Flame extinguishing containers smother any flames at the source.

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