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This is how a cupboard should be: heavy duty. Easy care. Efficient. Spacious. Allow us the honour: our steel cupboards. Whether a classic double door cupboard, material cupboard or heavy-duty cupboard: rely on the material that provides stability and robustness like no other: steel!

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Steel cupboards: the epitome of universal operational readiness

When it comes to maximum benefits with minimum wear and tear, steel cupboards have almost no alternative for storage in the company. The robust material shows its advantages in every working environment and is available in our online shop in countless cupboard formats.

Why are steel cupboards a good choice and what are the positive characteristics of this material?

As an almost indestructible material, steel is recommended wherever you need a high load capacity as well as in harsh environmental conditions. This is true in the warehouse as well as in production, in archives or social rooms.

Steel protects the contents of the cupboards from dirt and numerous environmental influences, allows a high load to be placed in the individual compartments and is extremely durable in daily use.

Double door cupboards are not only a good decision from a business point of view but are also exceptionally sustainable as well. Because steel can be easily recycled and is a sought-after material in the recycling business.

The bottom line is that steel cupboards fulfil numerous requirements for modern company equipment:

  • They are low-maintenance, easy to care for and durable – and thus reduce the need for replacement.

  • They can hold heavy goods such as tools or components that would otherwise be difficult to sort away in the warehouse.

  • The universal cupboards are ideally suited for being customised by means of open fronted storage bins, drawers etc. to meet current storage requirements.

  • Depending on the security classification, steel cupboards offer high fire and burglary protection.

Where in the company are steel cupboards the best choice?

Our models from brands such as Eurokraft and Quipo are designed for a wide variety of usage environments and can theoretically be installed throughout the company.

Please bear in mind, however, that heavy-duty cupboards have a high weight and may not be suitable for the intended surface. If necessary, you should ensure the suitability by testing the load-bearing capacity of the floor.

To secure full height cupboards with a small base we also always recommend anchoring the steel cupboards to the floor or the wall.

For special environments or demanding uses, such as the storage of hazardous materials, you should consult our experts or use steel cupboards especially designed for that purpose. For example, steel cupboards for use in food preparation areas must be HACCP-compliant and made of stainless steel. And for the storage of hazardous substances in sump trays in cupboards, there are in turn other rigorous requirements.

Which security levels apply to steel cupboards?

Universal steel cupboards comply with numerous regulations depending on the application. Stainless steel cupboards with fire class A1 according to DIN EN 13501 may be used in canteen kitchens, but should also comply with HACCP for that purpose.

Universal steel cupboards with locks comply with security level S1 or S2 according to DIN EN 14450. As for safety cupboards, they ensure the contents can be insured for up to 30,000 euros (private). They also offer protection against light fires.

This makes these cupboards ideal for the storage of non-essential company documents, for the private belongings of employees, etc. Higher resistance grades according to EN 1143-1 provide better burglary protection.

You can see which conditions and security levels a steel cupboards meet on the respective product pages. If you are unsure whether a cupboard is fit for your application, you can contact us at any time.

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