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The wish list when it comes to the perfect workshop cupboard is short: it must be hardwearing, robust, easy to organise and be made for the respective work environment. We can make this list even shorter: we want a high quality steel workshop cupboard.

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Steel workshop cupboard: put your nose to the grindstone!

Sparks, dirt and hard work: the workshop is a hive of activity. Trying to use a lighter touch to spare workshop equipment? What for? Our steel cupboards for the workshop really let you get to work – and so can your security guards.

Our workshop cupboards are characterised by the high variability of the equipment options: in addition to classic height adjustable shelves, the cupboards can be equipped with pull-out shelves and drawers. Items placed in them can be stored and removed ergonomically. Small parts can be stored in drawers by means of drawer divider sets – even between large items!

Steel cupboards for the workshop – the perfect choice of material

Steel is almost indestructible and highly resilient. That’s why you can also store heavy components or power tools in a workshop cupboard. Metal workshop cupboards protect their contents from dirt and heat, from environmental influences or thieves – thanks to locking mechanisms.

Depending on the model, they can be used, for example, as a storage cupboard with a narrow base, as a tool cupboard directly next to the workbench or as a workstation with a large work surface on the top.

Steel is also sustainable by nature. It can be easily recycled and is a much sought-after material in the reusable materials cycle. However, your workshop cupboard will last for countless working hours before that becomes relevant, as its benefits impress:

  1. Low-maintenance, easy to care for and hardwearing – significantly reducing the need for replacement.

  2. Shelves and partitions can be moved or retrofitted depending on storage requirements.

  3. Use open fronted storage bins or similar accessories to turn it into a storage space for small parts.

  4. Sliding doors allow it to fit into even the smallest niche.

  5. It comes in countless designs depending on requirements and intended content.

How do I choose workshop cupboards and what do I need to observe?

Our models made by brands like EUROKRAFTpro are designed for a wide range of operating environments and can be placed not just in the workshop, but rather anywhere in the company. However, when choosing your workshop cupboards with drawers and compartments, you should consider the total weight.

Heavy duty cupboards for the workshop, for example, have a high net weight that is multiplied again and again once it has been filled. You should therefore check whether the floor at the installation site can withstand such loads. Checking the load bearing capacity of the floor can prevent subsequent damage.

Double door cupboards with a narrow base in particular involve a risk of tipping over. With a depth or width of 50 to 60 cm, you should anchor the workshop cupboard to the floor or wall. This also has an impact on the choice of cupboard and where it will be place. For the storage of water hazardous substances, we recommend our hazardous goods storage cupboards. And for the storage of hazardous substances in tray shelves, separate regulations apply for the properties of the cupboard. Please also note general safety levels and insurance requirements. Universal steel cupboards for the workshop with a lock satisfy security level S1 or S2 in accordance with EN 14450. This means that they meet basic break-in protection requirements and may be used as cloakroom lockers, for example.

We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information on the best fit for a workshop cupboard and the place of use. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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