Speed bumps

Speed ramps make all types of roadway safer: Speed ramps, or speed bumps as well, prevent speeding at busy and risk-prone sites like loading bays, exits or pedestrian crossings.

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Speed ramps and speed bumps: step off the gas and stay safe!

When things are back to moving at a hectic pace, then they prove their value: speed ramps from KAISER+KRAFT ensure that the right speed will be maintained, regardless of whether this is on your company grounds on in the customer car park. But that's not all: together with our products from the range of barriers and markings, you have an comprehensive system for guiding all forms of traffic at your disposal, from pedestrians to vehicles of all times – and one which is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

Speed humps: safety for pedestrians and vehicles

If time is at a premium, then it's tempting to step on the gas. Speed restriction ramps guarantee that drivers maintain walking pace in the right places, thereby preventing your company premises from becoming a race track – thanks to colours that send signals, and reflectors, and this at night as well. And you don't need to worry about damaging your vehicle: blends of rubber suitable for trucks with anti-slip profiles protect tyres and chassis. End pieces and cable ducts also produce smooth and safe crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.

The right speed ramps for the right speed

Depending on the recommended speed, our speed ramps and speed bumps are available in variable heights: high barriers mean a low speed. And you also have a choice when it comes to materials. Environmental protection is important too? Speed humps made of recycled rubber are resistant to UV light, oil and moisture, and can effortlessly withstand temperatures from –40 to +80° Celsius.

Speed ramps combined with guidance and barrier systems – a combined force to reckon with

KAISER+KRAFT can offer a suitable product for any aspect of company safety. This is why our speed ramps can be optimally supplemented with guide bollards, barrier tapes, boom gates, protective bars or traffic mirrors that allow you to maintain an overview of junctions, loading bays or pedestrian crossings. This will ensure your employees are provided with protection on company premises, and customers who feel safe will be happy to return again. The bottom line: safety at the company always pays off. Do you still have any questions? Then please call us – we'll be happy to help you.

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