Cable covers

You'll find them on construction sites, at concerts and industrial premises: cable ducts and hose ducts for optimum protection of your cables and wires. Whether lorries, forklift trucks or wheelbarrows are driving over them, there's a cable duct suitable for every point of use.

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Banish tripping hazards using cable protection and hose protection

As long as electricity can't be transmitted through air, then cables and wires will, unfortunately, remain a permanent feature of your company. The problem: when they cross traffic routes or footpaths, the risk of accidents and tripping increases significantly. The solution: simply conceal cables and hoses under cable covers, which offer several features that not only make outdoor areas safer but also can do so much more!

Cable covers and hose ducts are decisive for universal safety

You don't even need to ask which regulations apply for cable tidys. A look around your company premises will suffice: which cables are routed along which paths, and which transport equipment or vehicles drive over them? Are the cables or hoses a temporary tripping hazard, or have they been laid permanently?

The range of products available from KAISER+KRAFT has been designed accordingly: you'll find it has all sorts of different versions for indoor and outdoor areas, and you can choose between heavy duty versions that can be driven over by vehicles, as well as products to secure cables and hoses on footpaths and in office corridors.

On highly frequented paths in particular, cable ducts and hose ducts don't perform one function only. If you take a closer look, you'll also find cleverly designed accessories for better orientation and higher levels of occupational safety even where cables can't cause accidents.

Cable ducts and hose ducts provide more than just protection

When equipping outdoor areas with the corresponding cable ducts, it's particularly effective to deal with the challenge of barriers and markings at the same time. Our product range features different versions with different recommended speeds. After all, every cable duct forces drivers to slow down. This, in turn, is absolutely essential for maintaining traffic safety.

Furthermore, cable ducts that have been marked accordingly also provide a type of guidance system that, together with additional elements such as impact protection and edge protection, as well as warning signs and barrier beams, divides your company premises into different zones. They indicate where to go when entering the premises without wasting words, and also indicate what to avoid.

We're happy to advise you in person about all safety issues related to cable ducts, hose ducts, barriers and similar products.

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