Work jumpers, work sweatshirts

There are two things that work jumpers have to do: on the one hand, they should make the wearer easily visible and thereby ensure greater safety, while on the other hand they should provide protection from cold temperatures and keep the wearer nice and warm. Sweatshirts in high-vis colours such as orange and yellow, which also feature reflective stripes, are particularly suitable for this purpose. However, we also stock work jumpers without high-vis features and which are particularly hardwearing while still remaining soft and comfortable. Find your work sweatshirt now!

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Work jumper and work sweatshirt: Hi-Vis equipment with a warming effect

Anyone who works outdoors or in draughty halls is grateful for every warm layer of clothing. Work jumpers and work sweatshirts combine the comfort of your favourite leisurewear with the safety regulations applicable to everyday work. Let the cold wind blow!

Which jumpers are available for work?

Put simply, we offer autumn and winter work jumpers in two categories: they are available as warning clothing in orange or yellow, or are as versatile work clothing for professionals who feel the cold. Our green work sweatshirts are suitable for landscaping, men’s work jumpers in blue are particularly popular among craftsmen, while black, khaki or red are practically always suitable.

Hi-vis work jumpers in orange or yellow with their long sleeves and full coverage of the torso meet the highest visibility requirements – this being class 3 in accordance with EN ISO 20471 for work clothing with a warning function. They will ensure you are well dressed in a wide range of professions, even in inclement weather:

  • Rail and road works

  • Construction sites and outdoor workplaces

  • Hydraulic engineering works

  • Work that presents a potential hazard in poor visibility and weather conditions

How do I go about choosing work jumpers for winter, autumn and in between?

Whether it is a work shirt, a work jacket or even a work jumper: an optimal fit when it comes to your clothing is an important element of safety and comfort. The jumper should be neither too loose nor too tight to allow a heat cushion to form between the fabric and the skin.

It’s also important to make sure that you can move in your work sweatshirt effortlessly and without feeling restricted – especially if you are performing many movements overhead or in other similar positions.

How do I wash Hi-Vis work jumpers?

Work clothing needs to be washed comparatively often – even if it features sensitive reflective stripes. To ensure that they do not lose their luminosity, always wash your work jumpers inside out, at low temperatures, and without using fabric softener. It is also better not to use the dryer and instead hang your work clothing up on a hanger to dry.

As soon as the reflectors become duller, fainter or even ''blank'', you should replace the work jumper. A fit that is no longer optimal or a loss of warmth – for example due to decreasing elasticity of the cuffs – are also good reasons for a new purchase.

We will be happy to give you more tips on occupational health and safety and inform you about our range of work clothing. Simply contact us if you have any questions.