Hazardous goods shelf units, filling stations

Would you like to keep paints, solvents and similar products within easy reach? The best way to do this in your workshop and production facility is to use regulation compliant hazardous goods shelf units made of plastic, which are suitable for horizontal or vertical storage and refilling of drums and sump trays. The drum stands, hazardous goods shelf units, drum shelving and filling stations made by renowned manufacturers allow you to store hazardous goods in no time at all – safely, efficiently and cost effectively! Would you like to find out more? This text provides you with straightforward explanations.

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    Hazardous goods shelf units, drum shelving and filling stations: stay on the right side of the law!

    Hazardous substances in the workplace are a topic of never ending discussions. On the one hand, they are essential in industry and trade, while on the other hand, everyone must be afforded protection from them. It’s easy to spare yourself further discussion and simply opt for hazardous goods shelf units, drum shelving and filling stations instead.

    What distinguishes hazardous goods shelf units and filling stations?

    Hazardous goods shelf units are required by the applicable specifications when hazardous substances are removed from drums, IBCs or small containers and when they are stored in the vicinity of the workplace. Filling stations with special designs satisfy additional safety precautions for the removal of media: When equipped with sump trays, they provide preventive leakage management and when equipped with filling stands, they allow large containers to be placed in an optimal position for filling processes using taps or valves.

    Hazardous goods shelf units or hazardous goods storage depot – what do I use when?

    Despite all the complicated regulations, the hierarchies when it comes to the storage of hazardous goods are clearly structured:

    1. The hazardous goods storage unit is used to store all stocks of hazardous media in the workshop.

    2. The hazardous materials storage depot is used to store large containers in manageable quantities.

    3. The hazardous goods shelf unit is used to store the quantities currently required in the workshop.

    High standards are expected of all three related products in terms of the safety of the storage facility, labelling and employee conduct. The ban on intermediate storage of certain substances together, and the associated requirements for the respective material which the hazardous goods shelf unit is made of, play a central role. They are also only approved for indoor areas.

    What is it important to observe when using hazardous goods shelf units?

    The most important safety aspect is the minimisation of hazards involved with the removal or refilling of media at the filling station. All employees must be trained in the right way to handle containers and substances, measures for occupational health and safety must be implemented, and products for leakage management must be used. TRGS 510 provides information on this, among other aspects:

    • Hazardous goods storage units for liquid media must be equipped with catchment equipment or sump trays.

    • Steel sump trays must be placed under hazardous goods shelf units for flammable and water hazardous media.

    • Sump trays made of PE are used for storing aggressive media.

    • The capacity of the sump tray must be suitable for the volume of the largest container in storage.

    • Hazardous goods shelf units must be set up in such a way that ensures that any additional danger to employees can be eliminated. This not only refers to the location, but also equipping the shelf units with anti-tipping devices.

    • Limits on maximum quantity apply for the storage of hazardous media on hazardous goods shelf units and small container shelving units, drum pallets and drum stands.

    The many regulations relating to hazardous substances and how they must be handled in the workshop can be confusing. Our Information on regulation compliant storage of hazardous materials provides you with a compact overview. We will be happy to help you select your shelf units and other products for the storage of hazardous goods. Simply contact us.