If you’re looking for specialist screwdriver sets, then you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find screwdrivers in all shapes and sizes, with different heads, including phillips, flat, Torx, and Pozidriv. Browse our range and order online to top up your toolbox or keep your workshop well-stocked.

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Our range of screwdriver sets

A sure-fire way to ruin a screw is to use the wrong screwdriver head. Always make sure you have a good selection of specialist screwdrivers with our screwdriver sets. Not only does it mean you’ll have every screwdriver you could ever need in your toolbox, it also offers a price advantage when compared to buying individual drivers. Some of our screwdriver sets come with a handy case, too.

Screwdriver sets for every type of screw

Our specialisOurt screwdrivers are designed to drive a wide variety of screws into different surfaces, such as walls, wood, metal or porcelain. Each set includes a number of screwdrivers with different head types and sizes, from the all-rounders, Phillips head and flathead, to the specialist screwdrivers for square and hexagon socket screws, as well as industry-specific Torx.

The advantages of screwdriver sets

Having a set of screwdrivers means you’ll always be prepared for every job. Each specialist screwdriver within a set shares the same handle design or set of materials, which means you and your employees can just get on with the task at hand without needing to adjust. An ergonomic screwdriver set guarantees a consistent transmission of force, helping to prevent poor hand position and joint pain for optimum comfort and productivity.

Buying screwdriver sets, as opposed to purchasing individually, means you can build up your collection quickly and cost-efficiently. They’re space-saving, too. Many of our screwdriver sets are available in high quality foam displays or handy storage solutions, which you can use to store directly in tool trolleys.

Which specialist screwdrivers are needed to complete standard jobs?

A practical mix of cross head and slotted screwdrivers is ideal for many jobs. It is important that your screwdriver set features different blade lengths and profile sizes, regardless of which screw it’s needed for.

At kaiserkraft, we’re happy to help you make the right choice. Get in touch with us for advice and guidance.