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Do you need fire safety signs that are compliant with ASR A1.3 / ISO 7010? Then you've come to the right place. Discover our different types of fire safety signs and learn all about the required recognition ranges.

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What do you do when a fire breaks out?

Sound the fire alarm, exit the building and/or attempt to extinguish the fire. That's the answer. But which direction do you need to take? Where is the alarm button, where is the fire extinguisher, and how do you make your way outside in safety? That's what safety signs tell us, just like fire signs, emergency exits and other signs do.

And where are your safety signs, and how well can you recognise them from where you are right now? If you can answer these two questions with a ''here'' and a ''well good'', then you're already likely to know exactly what you need and can start scrolling straight to the product of your choice.

However, it could well be that you don't have all the information about the specified sizes and ranges for safety signs, or that you would like to find out more about the topic of fire protection? Then you've come to the right place.

What are fire safety signs?

Fire safet signs are safety signs that are used to mark the fire extinguishing equipment necessary for fire fighting. Affixing the signs to these equipment items is mandatory in workplaces. This aims to ensure that fire alarms and fire fighting equipment can be found quickly. Fire protection signs have been standardised for many years now. The current system of safety signs was incorporated into ASR A1.3 in February 2013. According to EN ISO 7010, a fire protection sign always consists of a white pictogram on a red background. Since they do not feature text, they are suitable for international use. All twelve fire protection signs are available in our webshop.

  1. Fire hose reel

  2. Firefighters' lift

  3. Ladder

  4. Fire extinguisher

  5. Collection of fire fighting equipment

  6. Fire alarm call point

  7. Fire emergency telephone

  8. Direction straight ahead

  9. Direction diagonal

  10. Fire blanket

  11. Wheeled fire extinguisher

  12. Fire protection door

What is the correct way to affix fire protection signs?

The height at which fire protection signs are usually affixed is approx. 200 – 220 cm (door frame height). It is important that fire fighting equipment can be found even when they are concealed from view by an object. Depending on the type of sign, there are different ways to affix fire protection signs.

What types of signs are available?

You can buy fire protection signs from us as two-dimensional, V-shaped signs, or as one-dimensional L-shaped signs. Select the ''standard'' sign type if you would like to order your fire protection symbol as an adhesive film.

Differently sized signs can also be selected, because the recognition range, i.e. the distance from which the sign is visible, also varies. You can find out more about this in our purchasing guide to recognition ranges.

Please note: if the lighting fails at your company, your safety signs still have to be visible. That's why we have photoluminescent signs that will point you in the right direction even in the dark.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you choose fire protection signs that comply with workplace directives, even though we hope you'll never actually need them.

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