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Improve your intralogistics processes with roller tracks. Different goods for transport and different applications? We're familiar with them. There are roller tracks for transporting packages and pallets and for extending your production facilities here.

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Roller tracks: FIFO? LIFO? Productive whatever the case!

In every warehouse – regardless of its size – perfect organisation and warehousing costs that are kept as low as possible are what matter. Whether you rely on the FIFO or LIFO principle (first-in first-out, or last-in first-out) is part of the company internal process. In general, what is important is to make the work easier! This is exactly why so many customers place their trust in our roller tracks.

Which are the advantages of roller tracks as a component of conveyor technology?

Much like other conveyor technology products that are operated by the force of gravity, roller tracks are always an ideal solution wherever you are transferring goods inwards or outwards. Above all, this is true in the warehouse, but also in production halls and in workshops.

Roller tracks can be installed at individual intervals, and in doing so can be optimally adapted to the respective goods to be moved and the amount of space available. This is why they are, for example, indispensable when sorting pallets in drive-through racks or removing them from their storage space without physical exertion.

The tracks really show how efficient they are in drive-through racks in particular, and make placement, order picking and, ultimately, the entire warehousing process much easier.

After all, when the goods in the respective shelf bay can slide down of their own accord, then they are always readily available within no time, require little physical effort, and you can immediately see when you are running out of stock.

This is why roller tracks are always mentioned in the same breath as the FIFO or LIFO principle by industry experts. However, the tracks are also unbeatable when you'd like to use them to link up individual workstations or ensure an ergonomically placed material supply.

One way or another, every internal logistics process will profit when you upgrade your existing conveyor and warehousing equipment with roller tracks:

  • Little time required for warehouse processes, order picking or assembly steps

  • High item availability when even heavy loads slide down or are easy to remove

  • Reduction of time needed for order-picking, and avoidance of errors

  • Increase in productivity due to easy separation of picking-and-placing and removal in drive-through racks

  • This ensures better space utilisation and organisation of paths in the warehouse and workshop

Which roller tracks are the best ones for me to use?

As always the case at kaiserkraft, you can also always select roller tracks that are suitable for your volume of goods.

Basically, we divide the product range up into tracks with plastic cylindrical rollers and those with steel cylindrical rollers. Plastic is particularly smooth running, low in noise, and high-quality workmanship also means they run with precision. Above all, you'll profit from this in drive-through racks or when transferring lighter loads inwards and outwards.

Depending on the model and load-bearing capacity, steel rollers are specifically designed for heavy duty jobs. They make an impression both in shelving units, and when moving large pallets or machinery components along the floor with ease.

Both versions are capable of increasing order-picking productivity in the warehouse or production hall by up to five times in comparison to classic bay shelving – a value that you'll soon notice in your workflow organisation.

Which goods to be moved can I transport on roller tracks?

The most important prerequisite for every continuous conveyor using gravity drive is always: the base of the goods to be moved must lie flat on the rollers, which means the dimensions of the actual goods must be suitable for the roller.

Above all, the weight is important when choosing what to transport on the tracks, because the effective widths can be defined individually. However, it is also important to observe that the maximum load-bearing capacity of one metre section of roller track is usually based on an interval of 0.5 metres.

Furthermore, you should not forget to pack the corresponding accessories in your shopping basket when making your order. A guide shoe is essential when you are working with a slight gradient. We're also happy to supply the matching installation kit upon request. Do you have any more questions? Then please ask us at any time.

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