Stillages & Box Pallets

Mesh pallets, stillages and box pallets instantly provide you with more space and a clearer view over your warehouse. And because the work there is so varied, our product range includes different types of stacking containers and mesh pallets. Closed or open, different loading capacities, large volume and small scale... you'll be guaranteed to find the right one.

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Mesh pallets, stacking containers: space usage, clear storage, safe transport.

How actually did New York come to get its skyscrapers? When land becomes scarce you build upwards. What does this mean for production, storage and transport? In principle, the same thing. Which infers that goods of all type are stacked. A key point here is mobility. At kaiserkraft, we have an extensive range of mesh pallets, stillages and stacking containers for you in various sizes, materials and versions. The containers are produced to be placed on one another, fitted inside each other and to be attached and lifted using crane eyelets. The spectrum of our products covers numerous operational requirements, from production and storage to delivery and goods presentation for sale.

Mesh pallets, stillages, stacking containers: sturdy construction but sophisticated idea: intelligence lies in the concept

The perfect logistics – you might not realise it looking at these products but that's exactly what's going on here. Up to 20 mesh pallets, for example, have been folded, three pallets are loaded for stacking and folding and unfolding is done by hand in next to no time. Versions with the same base area are available in different effective heights. Models for presenting goods come with compartments. And form follows function: two low designed welded mesh pallets are stacked as high as a standard EURO mesh pallet, the dimensions of collection containers allow them to use lorry storage space as effectively as possible. And from the variability aspect: stacking containers with varying wall heights but with the same base areas can hold loads between 500 and 2000 kg. And of course, let's not forget: ground clearances are adapted to the usual lifting and transport equipment.

Stacking containers: purpose defines technical design

Have you got small parts to store? Solid wall stacking containers would be the correct choice. Want to also be able to access goods stored in stacked mesh pallets? A model with a flap is available. Do you store pipes or beams? A forklift can safely transport them from A to B in an open long goods frame.

Now it's your turn. Choose the best solution for your company from a whole host of options – going beyond containers as well. Do you still need the right transport equipment? Look for help in planning your storage facilities? Talk to us. At kaiserkraft we'll give you all the assistance you need.

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