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When indoors or outdoors, high quality, field tested and anti-slip mobile access tower systems provide a professional basis for working safely. In this case, we can provide you with a large range of models at different working heights for a comfortable and risk-free ascent.

In the category Mobile access towers we offer you products of the following brands: Altrex, HYMER, KRAUSE, Layher, MUNK, ZARGES.

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For everyone scaling the heights.

Mobile access towers are professional equipment that no painter or fitter wants to be without. No wonder, as there is barely another climbing aid that is so flexible. Mobile access towers with a modular design are often folding, and can therefore be set up and packed together quickly and easily. Furthermore, they are easy to transport. They are still fast to move from one workplace to another even after they have been set up. If you have to perform tedious tasks at great heights, then mobile access towers are a suitable solution. And their compliance with the DIN EN 4422 standard ensures they are a safe solution too.

Standard safety for mobile access towers.

DIN EN 1004 regulates the use of approved materials for producing mobile working platforms and the safety-relevant requirements of the individual components. Furthermore, they call for detailed instructions to ensure working on mobile access tower is safe. There are a number of points that you and your employees need to observe.

  • The content and instructions in the assembly and usage instructions issued by the respective scaffold manufacturer must be observed.

  • DIN EN 1004 specifies that the maximum permissible height of mobile access towers totals 8 metres outside (there may be wind loads) and 12 metres in closed rooms. However, mobile access towers may only be erected to the height specified in the assembly instructions included with them.

  • Mobile access towers may only be set up, packed up or modified by specialist personnel who have receive instructions, and when supervised by a specialist. A specialist is a person who has the specialist knowledge necessary for mobile working platforms. The requirements include professional training, professional experience or a corresponding professional activities performed recently.

  • Only original manufacturer components are permitted.

  • The ground on which mobile access towers are placed must be level and have a high load bearing capacity.

  • If vehicles are moving around the scaffolding, then the scaffolding must be secured to ensure collisions cannot occur.

  • Each mobile access tower must be inspected by a person qualified to perform this inspection – before it is used. The result must be documented. The inspection allows you to ascertain that the mobile access towers has been secured against rolling away, and has been set up vertically.

  • Mobile access towers may not be moved as long as persons or objects are on them. They should only ever be pushed over level surfaces due to the danger of tipping.

  • Scaffolds may only ever be accessed and exited at the points provided for this purpose. Climbing from mobile access towers onto other climbing aids or onto buildings is not permitted.

  • The height of the deck surface may not be enlarged by using ladders, crates or other items of equipment.

  • Access hatches must be closed immediately after use.

  • No lifting tackle may be used on mobile access towers.

Incidentally: Even if your mobile access towers were provided to you already assembled, you are still obliged to inspect them for defects before use, and to document everything.

Which mobile access tower would you prefer?

You will find that our product portfolio includes folding basic scaffolding and professional access towers and safety access towers for working at great heights. You can filter the category by the preferred working height or by the required platform width and length in order to find the mobile access tower that is best suited to you.

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