Projector trolleys

Allow us: our mobile helpers and companions for your next presentation. Projector trolleys transport the projection devices and other display technology to exactly where they are needed. And isn't it great when you can rely on your assistant?

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Projector trolleys – presentations in any location

Now you've got your field service set up nicely, how about some additions for in-house duties? Projector stands from kaiserkraft are guaranteed to be quiet and environmentally friendly. But above all they help ensure that you get razor sharp images at each presentation.

Projector trolleys: make your projection devices mobile

Everything's set for your talk but the screen remains white and you have to climb on a chair and examine the projector. Or the meeting's been moved at short notice but there's no projector in the new room and no convenient place to set one up.

An AV trolley does away with these and a few other problems. Simply put the device on the stand and push it to wherever it's needed. Sorted! Ideal for meetings in alternating rooms, and trade fairs and conferences, training sessions and other situations where images need to underline the spoken word. And if the picture quality is not quite up to the mark, the projector is always within easy reach.

Projector trolleys: our trolleys mean good images

The simplest projector trolley design consists of a projector plate, supporting frame and four castors. Straight forward, space saving and useful. If you prefer more room, we recommend projector trolleys with several levels. You can then put a laptop, documents or a laser pointer next to the projector. With height adjustable trolleys, the projector is not only the right distance from the screen but also at the right height.

We can also provide you with conference trolleys for using flexible conference systems and data input trolleys for mobile workplaces. And of course, we have a wide selection of projection screens for you so that your presentation has the desired effect. Incidentally, these are also available in mobile versions so that your presentations are not tied to one spot.

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