Stacking boxes

The practical storage option for a wide range of small parts and goods: stacking boxes. Optimally suited for transport and shipment. In a wide range of sizes and available in all different colours, with and without covers. Stacking boxes are true space saving miracles and the easiest solution for everything that needs order and a clear overview.

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Stacking boxes for space-saving storage

Can't put any more in lengthways? Then go upwards! With our storage boxes your staff will quickly become adept at stacking things high. Goods, tools or accessories, heavy or light: we can supply you with the right box for all kinds of contents.

Stacking high made easy – with our stacking boxes for all requirements

At KAISER+KRAFT we have stacking boxes in various sizes and versions: with or without lids, with perforated or solid walls, or as a basket, crate or heavy duty container. For the foodstuffs industry, food-safe versions are suitable, while steel boxes can withstand heavy weights.

What do our stacking boxes have in common? Their flexibility and robustness for example. Standardised sizes make it easy to take full advantage of the space available on the floor and on pallets. If you opt for a pallet, you just need a stacker or pallet truck to move the stack from one location to another.

Stacking boxes: for a good overview

Stacking products up high requires a certain amount of organisation so that your warehouse staff can find their way around. That's why, at KAISER+KRAFT, we can provide you with stacking boxes in different colours, insert boxes, lettering and labels and other valuable accessories. Covers and lids protect the contents from dust, moisture and impurities.

Are you unsure whether a multi-purpose box, sheet steel container or a folding box is the right choice? We'd be glad to assist with your stacking requirements and all other questions concerning your operational and storage facilities.

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