Rubbermaid waste collectors put up with a lot of rubbish

Indestructible until the end – guaranteed

When it comes to waste, Slim Jim®, Defender®, Brute® and the Untouchables® come into their own. With guarantees of 5 to 10 years on their product life, our waste collectors just can’t get enough of your rubbish.

Recycling and rubbish bins have to put up with a lot – after all, we put a lot into them! Just as well, then, that Rubbermaid’s products undergo intensive testing for durability of materials and resilience. What is more, they offer plenty of capacity and include practical design features such as pedal mechanisms, swing lids and slots positioned at an ergonomic height.

Rubbermaid’s product range equips you for any kind of rubbish and any level of stress and strain – even heavy-duty commercial or industrial activities.

10-year guarantee. Or 5,184,000 minutes of product life

5-year guarantee on Rubbermaid products made from plastic

5-year guarantee on Rubbermaid products made from metal

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Browse our Rubbermaid online shop to find a range of practical solutions that will help you get things clean and tidy – and keep them that way.

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A guide to reducing waste in your company

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Reducing waste conserves resources and protects people and the environment. What are the most practical approaches to waste reduction at work? Read on to discover 3 handy tips for reducing waste at your company.

Waste management: how to motivate your staff


Separating waste correctly can be complicated, but with the right system in place, no one should be in any doubt about which waste belongs where. We have put together some information to help you improve waste management at your company.

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The right waste solution for you

We’re certain that Rubbermaid has a waste disposal system to suit your needs. Talk to us – we’d be happy to help you find the right products for reducing waste at your workplace.