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Mission: Stay clean!

Do you already have everything to keep your world clean? We are happy to recommend high-quiality products that we know will do their job reliably, and which include a cleanliness guarantee.

It is largely up to us to ensure that things are cleaner, to avoid dust and dirt, and therefore also do something to maintain our own health. The right cleaning is not rocket science – when you have the right partner for the job. Like our Clean Team, for example: clean products, clean pricing, and a clean performance. They ensure you can satisfy even the most stringent cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, ventilating or disinfecting requirements.

Cleanliness is a matter of honour for the Clean Team: discover our most powerful products for cleaning & hygiene here.

Our Clean Teams

Ready to get going.
Overview of cleaning products

Clean Team 01: Surface cleaning

Clean Team 02: Workshop & industry

Clean Team 03: Floor cleaning

Clean Team 04: Premises cleaning

This isn't the right team for you?

There’s plenty of others in our product categories.

Our waste management products can work wonders

Rubbermaid rubbish bins and recyclable waste collectors
Overview of Rubbermaid cleaning products

To ensure that you have everything at your fingertips that you need to stay clean from now on, we are showcasing our most powerful products for indoors and outdoors.

There’s the right container for every type of waste – Rubbermaid will have the right bin or recyclable waste collector to suit your needs.

From Clean Team to Dream Team

Get thing cleaned faster with the right tips.
Clean workshop

Systematic cleaning: guidelines for cleaning your workshop.

Clean workshop

Systematic cleaning: guidelines for cleaning your workshop.

Environmentally conscious cleaning products for the office

A clean business. How to clean your office in an environmentally conscious way.

Tips for office cleaning

3 practical recommendations for well organised office cleaning

Correct waste management in the business

This is how to motivate your employees to make the world a little cleaner.
A clean and green world

Managers in factories, workshops, warehouses and offices know that correct waste management makes a key contribution to environmental protection and conserving resources. However, many are left wondering about the best way to inform their employees about the applicable waste regulations and to motivate them to observe and implement them in their everyday work.

We've compiled all sorts of useful tips and information about this topic on our information page “Correct waste management in the business”. Among other things, you will learn:

  • The best way to communicate the regulations in relation to waste
  • The best way to motivate your employees to observe them as well
  • Which waste collectors you'll need in which area of the company
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