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Hello Forest!

3334 trees planted

It's great that so many people got involved – and each and every one of them helped us to reach our goal: 3334 trees have been planted!

Thank you for supporting our campaign by “shopping green”. Thanks for the great teamwork and transparent reporting from Nicaragua also go to our project partner PRIMAKLIMA. Not forgetting Filomar Herrara Rivera and his family either, to whom our thanks now go for working to ensure that each seedling becomes a sturdy tree.

There is a Chinese proverb that says “if you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a millennium, plant trees.” That’s what we’re going to do – with your help!

Trees are true superheroes: they absorb CO2 and release oxygen, provide a habitat for wildlife, improve soil quality and help to keep things cool, which is good for the climate. In 2022, you can help us to plant 3,334 trees in Nicaragua in partnership with PRIMAKLIMA . From 7 to 27 March 2022, you shop, we plant! But only as long as our current supply of trees lasts. So be quick… the first trees are already gone.

* This offer applies to activeGREEN label products purchased between 7 March and 27 March 2022, or until all 3,334 trees currently requiring planting have been planted.

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We will plant a tree for you in Nicaragua and you’ll get a certificate via email once the promotion has finished


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All models that bear the activeGREEN label meet stringent sustainability criteria, for example in terms of carbon offsetting. This applies to both our in-house products and products from other manufacturers. And customers who opt for activeGREEN don’t have to pay extra. We believe that being green shouldn’t have to cost more.

Support this campaign by choosing a sustainable product with the activeGREEN label, and know that you are doing the forests of the world a favour!

Nature says thank you, and so do we

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To help us all achieve the goal of treating our earth’s resources with more care, we’re giving you the best we’ve got: our sustainable range, so that you can shop well and shop green.

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